Top 11 Jira Plugins and Add-Ons for Developers in 2023
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Top 11 Jira Plugins and Add-Ons for Developers in 2023

Last updated:
June 29, 2023

    In this article, we’ll go over 11 of the best Jira plugins, add-ons, integrations, and apps for developers and project managers. 

    Jira is one of the world’s leading software development tools.

    Many devs, project managers, product managers, agencies, and in-house teams use Jira as their go-to project management and bug tracking tool. 

    One of the advantages of using Jira for agile project management and bug-tracking is free access to the Atlassian Marketplace, with thousands of integrations, plugins, apps, and add-ons.

    But it’s hard to sort the great from the not-so-great, especially since many plugins are not super relevant for development teams.

    Let’s dive right in!

    11 Best Jira Plugins and Add-Ons in 2023

    Here are the 11 best Jira plugins and add-ons for developers and project managers in 2023—including bug reporting, session replay, website feedback, and design tools.


    Collect visual feedback, data-rich bug reports, and review session replays, without giving customer access to Jira. integrates seamlessly with Jira (and dozens of other PM tools), while giving engineering teams the following capabilities: 

    1. Make it super easy for clients and users/customers to report feedback and bugs;
    2. Save project managers hours of inbox time when they need to stay focused managing their teams in Jira; 
    3. Ensure any feedback and bug reports can be assigned, actioned, and then confirmed as being actioned from within Jira.

    Here's a short video on how it works:

    Data-rich bug reports

    In most cases, end-users and clients don’t know how to report the information devs need when they’ve encountered a bug or error. 

    It can be a nightmare trying to get that information when trying to accurately reproduce bugs.

    The effort involved in getting the information from a user/customer takes more time than actually fixing the bug.

    It usually involves a lot of back-and-forth via email, messenger apps, and sometimes requires a video call or two. 

    Only then can a project manager input this feedback into a PM tool, assign the tasks, and later update the user/customer that the issue has been resolved. 

    None of that is an issue with With every bug report, you automatically receive the following: 

    • Complete environment information (browser, OS, device, etc.);
    • Metadata and console logs; 
    • URL or page within the software/app; 
    • Built-in session replay, so you can tell exactly what was happening when the error occurred, etc. 

    Session replay

    Session Replay helps developers and project managers see the last 30 seconds (or more) before a user/client reports a bug.

    Even with data-rich bug reports, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what happened when an error occurred.

    If only you could see what exactly the user was doing…

    Good news:'s Session Replay tool does this for you.

    Here’s Session Replay in action:'s session replay shows the user journey on a webpage.

    We can clearly see this user journey:

    1. Clicked on About Us
    2. Scrolle down & up
    3. Tried several times to click on "Contact Us"
    4. Gave up and reported a bug with the widget.

    Make sure the widget is embedded on the website(s) or app(s) you are working on, and enable session replay in your widget settings.

    It’s as simple as that!

    Visual client and user feedback

    Visual feedback is a powerful asset when your team is working on a website, software, or app project.

    It’s especially useful when fixing bugs.

    Receiving visual feedback through straight into Jira is as simple as: 

    1. Find a bug, or notice something that needs changing, and click the button.
    2. Annotate, fill out a report and input details (it automatically captures environment info).
    3. Click on "Create issue"—and the report is sent to the relevant team members in Jira to action.

    It’s as easy as: see a bug, click, annotate, and send!

    Check it out: in action: take a screenshot, annotate it, and send it off to your PM tool.

    Direct, 2-way Jira integration integrates with dozens of popular project management tools and SaaS-based software, including Atlassian’s Jira.

    Visual feedback and data-rich bug reports come straight into Jira as a detailed Jira issue with the following information attached: 

    • Annotated screenshot 
    • Page URL 
    • Browser & OS 
    • Screen size 
    • Console logs 
    • Custom metadata 
    • And of course, session replay!

    Thanks to 2-way sync, when an issue is marked as “Done” in Jira it automatically updates as “Resolved” in You can even set it up so the reporter is automatically notified. 

    Check out our 2-way sync in action—here in Trello, but it works just the same with Jira:'s 2-way sync in action.

    Ready to give it a go? Sign up for a free trial here—no credit card required.

    Pricing: $39/mo. 

    2. Jira Workflow Toolbox

    Limitless, codeless workflow customization.

    With the Jira Workflow Toolbox (JWT), you can automate and customize workflows within Jira, without any extra coding knowledge or experience. 

    Project managers can extend functions and interconnect dozens of other apps supporting Jira Expressions.

    Pricing: From $13.75/mo per user.

    3. Zephyr

    Custom Jira integrations for web development teams.

    Zephyr is a SmartBear product that comes with five custom Jira integrations. 

    For most developers, the most useful is Zephyr Scale: Test Management for Jira.

    With this plugin, you can access advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features in Jira.

    If you’re just getting started with test cases, check out our article on how to write test cases using Jira.

    Pricing: From $52.28/mo per user.

    4. Google Drive & Gmail

    Connect your Google drive files and emails to Jira.

    Gmail, the world’s most popular email service, doesn’t have a direct Jira add-on. 

    However, there are several GSuite integrations (now known as Google Workspace) you can use to get around this small limitation. 

    We’ve also outlined the best way to create Jira issues directly from Gmail, so you can easily transfer emails into Jira without even needing a plugin. 

    Pricing: From $1.00/mo per user.

    5. Slack

    Jira task assignment in Slack.

    On the other hand, Slack, the world’s most popular workplace messaging app, does come with a Jira plugin, known as Slack Connector for Jira Cloud

    You can send and receive Slack messages within Jira, assign tasks, and action them within Jira without having to jump back into Slack every few minutes. 

    Pricing: From $4.00/mo per user.

    6. AdobeXD

    Vector design tool for web and mobile applications.

    Give developer and engineering teams access to the latest design files and UX/UI specifications directly in Jira.

    Integrate AdobeXD and Jira here.

    Pricing: the plugin is free!

    7. Figma

    Design collaboration and live embeds in Jira.

    Figma is one of the world’s most popular design platforms. 

    If your designers are already using Figma, then it makes sense to connect this with Jira so that engineering teams can keep updated with live Figma embeds.

    Connect Figma and Jira here.

    Pricing: free

    8. GitHub

    Seamlessly sync Jira with GitHub.

    Connecting GitHub with Jira simplifies the development process, reducing the amount of times developers need to switch between the two.

    If your company requires you to use both tools and developers prefer staying in GitHub, it makes sense to connect both tools.

    GitHub links display automatically within Jira using the Issue view. 

    Pricing: From $5.50/mo per user.

    9. Diagrams for Jira

    Diagrams, workflows, and mockups in Jira. Diagrams is a powerful tool for creating user workflows and other types of diagrams. 

    It’s a top-rated Jira diagramming app with a plentiful of features. Connect Diagrams to Jira here

    Pricing: From $2.75/mo per user.

    10. Salesforce

    Market-leading CRM and sales management tool.

    There are a few different plugins and integrations from trusted third-party app developers to connect Salesforce and Jira. 

    With this plugin, you can streamline Salesforce and Jira workflows

    It can be useful if sales team members are getting custom product development requests and these need to come straight into the product roadmap to be actioned. 

    Pricing: From $10/mo per user.

    11. DropBox

    Sync all of your files with Jira.

    Another software solution that needs no introduction, DropBox.

    DropBox is one of the world’s leading consumer and business cloud-storage providers.

    With DropBox for Confluence, you get to attach Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF files, and folders from DropBox to Jira—for free for up to 10 users.

    Pricing: free for up to 10 users.

    Wrapping up...

    And there we have it—the 11 best Jira plugins and add-ons for developers and project managers in 2023. 

    We hope you find this list helpful when choosing a Jira integration, plugin, app, or add-on. 

    Did we miss anything? Let us know on Twitter or via email!

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