Why this agency chose over Usersnap

“I started with Usersnap, then switched to and honestly, you blew them out of the park!“
- Hershy Goldberger, CEO at Softab vs. Usersnap

Key differences


Collect website feedback on your site
Collect feedback from your clients and team members directly on your websites.
1-way integrations
Push feedback into your favorite tools like Trello, Jira, and more
2-way integrations
Most appreciated by customers
Synchronize statuses, issue fields and comments between and your favorite tools like Trello, Jira, and more.
Field synchronisation
All your fields from your favorite tools are pulled into your widget forms, even custom fields.
Session Replay
Replay a video of what reporters did before submitting feedback
Status synchronisation
Notify guests automatically when your developer closes an issue in your project management tool like Trello, Jira and more.
Comments synchronisation 
Keep client communication organised and sync everything back into your issue tracker automatically.
Different feedback for Guests vs Internal Team/QA
Trigger different forms for your internal team and your customers. Cover QA testing, UAT & user feedback with only 1 tool.
Fair pricing: Unlimited # of projects
Usersnap charges you extra per new project your create. With, all plans come with unlimited projects!
“Usersnap has really poor integrations with Jira and Asana. The UI is the best in the market, so the switch from Usersnap to has been a no-brainer“
- Damen Gilland , Product Manager at AKQA

See a bug?
Click, annotate, send.

Report issues on your website  with our feedback widget.

Website annotations

Get your point across with visual annotation and a high-fidelity screen capture.


Make the widget your own with custom color and branding.

Easy install

The widget is optimized for responsive websites and all modern browsers.
“ changed how we report website feedback. No more screenshots laying around my desktop.”
- Megan Carrier, Product designer at Mantra Health
Bug report

Reproduce bugs effortlessly

Get all technical data your developers need,
automatically added inside your favourite tools.
Preview with your tool

Session replay

Rewind and watch what clients did before submitting feedback.

Console recording

Client-side errors and logs in the console are automatically recorded and added to your issues.

Network logs

Capture and view network logs on bugs reported via theet. (Coming soon)

Environment data

Browser, OS, webpage and screen size are automatically added to your issues, without reporters having to do anything.

Javascript SDK

Take control of the widget via JavaScript SDK and pass custom metadata about your users or technical environment.
“Our developers can now see bugs through the reporters' eyes, with no information getting lost.”
- Monty Kosma, CTO at Darcy Partners
Session replay

Travel back in time

Rewind and watch what clients did
before submitting feedback.
“I love that we get a video of exactly what happened to our users”
- Cody Wheeler, Scrum Master at

Collaborate with Clients…

…without giving them access to your issue tracker

Client communication

Keep client communication organised and stop sending client emails. All communication will be synced back into your favorite issue tracker.

guest portal of

Guest portal

Give your clients & external reporters an overview of previously reported issues.

Automatic status-sync

Notify guests automatically when your developer closes an issue in your project management tool.

“Clients used to send us emails, documents, spreadsheets and even powerpoints for feedback.
Now we just use”
- Nathan Monk, Founder at Smile Agency
native integration

Always in-sync
with your integration

Configure your widget form as if you were in your issue tracker or project management tool.

Create forms, automatically

Your widget's fields are automatically synced with your favorite issue tracker.

Design your own forms

Enable important fields, change default values and hide sensitive fields in 1 click.

Trigger different forms

Configure different forms for your team and your customers. Cover QA testing, UAT & user feedback with only 1 tool.


Start collecting issues
on your website

Our widget works on all browsers and
can be installed on local, staging or live websites.

Snippet code

No account needed for reporting
Works on all browsers and on mobile
Customize via JavaScript SDK

Browser extension

1-click install. No code required.
Report feedback on any website
Advanced screen capture tools
native integrations

Works with your tools

Explore all integrations
Check how it works

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