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Simplify your QA process


Explain feedback visually

Get your internal team and clients to mark up bugs, ideas and feedback directly on your site. It's like drawing with a marker on your screen.

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Centralize in your
favorite tools

Forget about tracking feedback in emails, chat messages and meeting notes. Gather bug reports directly inside your existing issue tracker.

Supported destinations

Trello logo Jira logo Bitbucket logo GitHub logo Teamwork logo Asana logo GitLab logo Clubhouse logo logo ClickUp logo Wrike logo
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Fix bugs faster

Help your developers reproduce bugs faster without asking reporters to include any technical data.

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The best way to
report & collect bugs

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Why Bombayworks replaced Bugherd with and Trello

I was so happy when I found because I realized that we didn't need an issue tracker after all.

We could use with Trello and stop paying for Bugherd.”

Jonas Rendahl, Partner and Project Management at Bombayworks

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Digital agency



Key Integrations
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As a Quality Assurance Specialist, I use to report bugs inside our web app and use the annotation tools to explain visually how the bug should be fixed.

I love that I don’t have to write down which browser I’m using anymore!”

Ragnheidur Gretarsdottir, Quality Assurance Tester at TripCreator





Key Integration
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When I spot a visual glitch on our website, I snap a screenshot with and turn it into a task for our dev team.”

Bianca Chrysostomou, Senior UX Designer at BlueChilli


Startup accelerator



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Being able to report bugs with has been a game changer for our testers and developers.

It's super easy for the team to report visual tasks directly into Asana without leaving our website. Huge improvement to our testing and QA workflow!”

David Pasztor, CEO at UX agency️ studio


UX agency



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We have a solution for your team

Amazing teams around the world use…

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…and they love it!

Chromestore reviews
star star star star star_half 185 reviews
star star star star star

My bug reporting process before was:

  1. Print screen
  2. Find and open photoshop
  3. Paste it in
  4. Crop
  5. Try and annotate
  6. Save
  7. Open Trello
  8. Create a new Card
  9. Upload my annotated screenshot

Now I just…

  1. Click the button
  2. Draw a box around what I want to capture
  3. Add some annotations
  4. Create a Trello Card :)

Saves so much time!

Harry Snell
star star star star star

This works wonderfully and I'm in love with Trello integration. Easy to use!! <3

Lindsay Shaver
star star star star star

Very helpful in keeping track of web bugs. I'm excited about its deep integration with Jira

Matthew Feilmeier
star star star star star

Really helpful on annotation, seamless integration with issue tracking services!

Hsiang Lee
star star star star star

It is impressive, I had tried hundreds of similar applications, and NO one compares with I am really very pleased and it has become a real necessity in my workflow!

Harold Rivera
star star star star star

Makes sharing quick screenshots with clients quick and easy! Love it!

Alex Brinkman
star star star star star

I don't typically leave reviews but I do think is a useful tool for the rapid development toolbox.

It's a massive time saver.

Mike Hardy
star star star star star makes it easy for our clients, project managers, QA and designers to report bugs and issues to our development team via Trello and other support services we employ.

Sean H.
star star star star star

Using alongside Trello for project managements has streamlined our bug tracking.

Matthew W.
star star star star star

Very easy to use, saves me lots of time.

Ben Liebert
star star star star star

I like it! It can create full page screenshot from internal pages, closed from others by passwords. It has never worked before with other tools I tried.

Elena Simkina
star star star star star

Simple design, great tool. Good support and useful integrations too :)

Jonathan Ketchell
star star star star star

Makes remote team communication much easier.

Alex Nucci
star star star star star

Best screen capture tool and team sharing that i have ever use. The automatic flow with Trello is very usefull!

Frédéric Dufau