All great teams struggle

The best software teams & agencies all use tools like Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Asana (and more) to move projects forward.

But as teams grows, quality of internal feedback starts to drop

Bug bubble Bugs become harder to reproduce

Lightbulb bubble Ideas starts to fall through the cracks

Check bubble Tasks become poorly defined

The good news? We solved that.

We built a visual feedback tool that integrates deeply with your team’s existing workflow.

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The fastest way to report actionable bugs & tasks in

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Capture feedback, bugs & ideas with our browser extensions

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Explain your feedback by drawing annotations, assigning labels and tagging teammates

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Report your feedback in 1-click, directly inside Trello, Jira, Github and more… is perfect for…

“We use for Trello religiously and we love it! It only takes a few seconds to request a change that I know our developers will be able to carry out.

We also have our clients submit their feedback via instead of shooting us emails.”

Will Graham, Owner & Founder at Devlift

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“As a Quality Assurance Specialist, I use to report bugs inside our web app and use the annotation tools to explain visually how the bug should be fixed.

I love that I don’t have to write down which browser I’m using anymore!”

Ragnheidur Gretarsdottir, Quality Assurance Tester at TripCreator

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“When I spot a visual glitch on our website, I snap a screenshot with and turn it into a task for our dev team.”

Bianca Chrysostomou, Senior UX Designer at BlueChilli

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“I use Marker to identify UX issues in our user flow (confusing copy, unintuitive features, misplaced button…) and log everything as a new issue in Github.”

Damen Gilland, Product Manager at AKQA

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“When I came across, I asked our team to start reporting bugs and feedback via the browser extension. I love that all issues include a link to the original URL because it allows me to easily identify and reproduce the issue.”

Jean Baptiste, CTO at

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