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Deliver client websites twice as fast

One-stop solution for QA testing, UAT and
a powerful client feedback.
“Clients used to send us emails, documents, spreadsheets and even powerpoints for feedback.
Now we just use”
- Nathan Monk, Founder at Smile Agency

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Collect feedback on staging & live websites

Install the widget and collect feedback from your clients.
privacy setting for widget

Get feedback from only your team and clients. 

Easily choose who can see the widget and report feedback.

Set up different forms for QA and clients

Configure the widget to give your internal team all the fields they need to report. While at the same time your clients see a simplified version of the widget.
  • Configure your widget with only the fields you need
  • Simplified widget for your Clients and UAT
  • Advanced widget for your team members and QA
source of truth

Collect website issues in your source of truth

Don't ask your devs to adopt a new tool. Make sure all feedback arrives directly where you devs work, with all the information they need to reproduce the issue.

Get client approval faster, without sending emails.

Communicate with your clients directly inside without giving them access to your platform.
  • No more emails to solve a bug
  • Communicate inside
  • Automatically sync comments to your platform
2-way sync

Update clients without leaving your project management tool

Make sure your issues are always in sync and let your dev work in your integration.
guest portal

Give clients a complete overview on their feedback

Your clients can see at a glance all their submitted feedback and their statuses.
guest portal of

Get actionable feedback for your devs, even from clients

Get all the information your devs need to understand the feedback and easily reproduce the issue.
  • Screenshot
  • Browser environment
  • Source URL
  • Console logs
  • Metadata
  • Fullstory, Browserstack, …

Deploy in your favorite CMS can easily be installed on all existing CMS. Plugins are coming soon.
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Of course, you can report from any device

Collect feedback from your clients on mobile, table or their desktop.
native integrations

Works with your tools

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