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Always Update Clients After Their Feedback (and Here's the Easiest Way to Do That)

Last updated:
September 16, 2020

Your clients spend hours meticulously inputting their feedback for you. Too often, they don't hear what you did with their input.

This causes problems on two fronts: 1) They’re left wondering whether everything was addressed, and 2) they have to reconcile fixes on their end, taking even more of their time. Both of these can erode the client relationship.

That’s why closing the feedback loop is so important—it accomplishes several things:

  • The client knows you're addressing their concern
  • You have an opportunity to thank the client for giving feedback
  • The rest of your team has peace of mind
  • Happy clients can become loyal brand ambassadors

What's not to love? Fortunately,'s Feedback Status feature makes it easy to update clients and follow up on their feedback so you can close the loop and keep customers happy.

Let's take a look at why you should update clients on feedback and how can help.

Updating clients is part of providing great service

Good communication with clients is a part of providing them with great service. And studies and surveys reveal some pretty eye-opening stats about the importance of good customer service:

  • Customers are 4x more likely to take their business to a competitor when they're unhappy with the customer service they’ve received.
  • Feeling unappreciated is the number one reason people switch brands. \
  • When surveyed, 73% of people say they're loyal to a brand due to friendly customer service. \
  • After just one positive customer service interaction, 77% of people say they would recommend a company to a friend. \
  • 66% of adults surveyed said the most important part of a positive online customer service interaction is a company making them feel like their time is valuable.

If your organization relies on client service for its revenue, keeping them updated after their feedback is an opportunity to solidify your relationships.

How to update clients after their feedback

There are two parts to pay attention to when you update your clients: let them know that you’re addressing their concerns and thank them for their input.

Let clients know you're addressing their concerns

When clients give feedback and don't hear anything back, they're left wondering if you're taking care of their concerns (or if you’re even aware of them).

You asked for their opinion, which is a critical part of delivering a successful web project. Now that you have all this excellent feedback, it's essential to let your clients know their opinion matters. The most effective way to do this is by updating them with a prompt response to tell them you hear them loud and clear—and that you're on the case.

Say thanks

You already know you should be gathering client feedback at every stage of the development process. But did you know it's also important to thank your clients for speaking up?

Most people want their voices to be heard—something that’s especially true when they're paying for a service. When you say thanks, you’re expressing your appreciation for your clients’ time and input. And this helps encourage them to do it again next time.

A rapid response and a sincere thank you are key to keeping your customers smiling. The Feedback Status feature from is a hassle-free way to let clients know you value them.

Get peace of mind for your team

Closing the client feedback loop doesn’t just benefit your customers. It can provide an advantage for your team, too.

When you let service tickets or customer feedback notes stay open without a response, team members are often left questioning if someone else is already addressing the issue. This can lead to a lot of internal back and forth as everyone tries to get on the same page. You can solve this problem with a tool like, which allows you to promptly respond to client feedback, keep clients up to date on the status of their request, and avoid any duplicate requests.

With the Feedback Status feature, you can do all this without giving your client access to your team's internal tools or project dashboard. Clients get the acknowledgment and updates they need, and your team has the freedom to work and communicate without clients wandering through project management tools.

Happy clients = clients happy to spread the word about you

When clients have a positive experience, they're more likely to recommend you to others. Feedback status updates may seem like a small thing, but they can have a huge impact.

As Lauren Freedman, ecommerce pioneer and president of the e-tailing Group, puts it, "Always keep in mind the old retail adage: Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price."

Keeping your clients in the loop from the receipt of a request to its resolution can build customer loyalty and reduce churn. Not only are clients more likely to stick with you, but they'll also have your name in mind when a friend or business acquaintance asks for a referral.

Update clients and watch your business thrive makes gathering client feedback and keeping clients up to date a breeze.

Sign up for your free trial today and change your customer service game for good.

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