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How to find the best tool for client feedback

Last updated:
April 14, 2021

4 simple steps to find the tool you need to improve your client cooperation.

When you work in a web development agency, you know working with clients is inevitable. Think long phone calls or endless emails. And developers who still need more information to actually fix the reported issues.

There are many great client feedback tools on the market, but finding the tool that really works for you and your team is not easy. All tools have their own features and way of working, so you need to know what you are looking for.

In this blog post we outline the steps to find the perfect tool for you!

Step 1: determine how you want to collect their feedback

Most project managers are drowning in emails, so they allow clients to access their project management tool. It is less work for a PM to edit the issues they created, than to transfer everything yourself.

So in this step, you need to discuss with your team if that is something you want to do.

  • Do you want to give them access to your project management tool?
  • Do you want to create a separate platform for them to submit their feedback to?
  • Do you want it sent straight to your project management tool without that access?

Since you are reading this article, I am assuming you responded yes to the second or the third question! 😉

The reason I am making a distinction is simple: client feedback tools do too.

Tools like send your clients' feedback straight into the project you chose. Tools like Userback create a separate environment you need to go check to collect the feedback.

With, you choose in advance where you want client feedback to go. It is really easy to set up a dedicated feedback-project and to connect it to your website with

Your clients won't need access to your, Trello or Asana and you still get all feedback they want to submit.

Step 2: determine the level of technical skill your clients have

Depending on the type of clients you usually work with, you will have to change your approach to client feedback.

The question you need to ask in this step: are our clients able to send complete and concise reports?

People who understand what developers need to fix bugs, will have no problem at all with a generic form. They will paste in an image and type up the required information.

However, when you work with people who don't have the knowledge or the time to do that, you need a suitable tool.

With, the workflow is very easy and quick for your clients:

  1. Take a screenshot with when they want to give feedback
  2. Add an annotation on the screenshot (if needed) and add a title and short description
  3. Send off the feedback off with one click

And the result?

Perfect feedback reports sent straight into your Jira, ClickUp, Wrike or other project management tool.

Developers love receiving reports like this!

  1. Descriptive title
  2. Short and to-the-point description
  3. Steps to reproduce
  4. Reporter’s information
  5. Page URL
  6. Console logs
  7. Environment data
  8. Screenshot

Step 3: determine how you want to communicate with them regarding their feedback

After all feedback has been collected, you still need to stay in contact with your clients.

Whether you want to keep them updated on progress or you need to ask them for more information, communication matters.

So the question in this step: Do you want to email or call them? Or preferably another way?

It really depends on your own comfort levels and preference. And how fast you need to move!

With, you can send comments to your clients from within your project management tool. We have a built-in Guest Portal, where your clients can check for updates and the live status of their feedback.

There is no need to keep switching tools, especially when you are looking for a tool for client feedback which needs to save you time!

Step 4: Keep your criteria close when researching

Once you have identified all the key features of the client feedback tool you need, you know what to look for. You have not done all this work to simply forget all about it the second you start comparing tools! 😉

Many client feedback tools focus on a survey-style feedback process. While these tools can be used for client feedback collection for web development agencies, they are often not specific enough.

When you want your developers and clients to be happy you need something specific.

You need a tool like


Finding the best tool for client feedback is a life-saver for everyone involved in the feedback process. Including your clients.

It can be hard to navigate the maze of client feedback tools to find the one that actually helps you.

Always remember these criteria!

  1. How do I want to collect and receive their feedback?
  2. How easy and intuitive does the tool need to be?
  3. How do I want to communicate with clients?

If you do that, you will find the tool that is perfect for you and your team!

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