Year in Recap 2022: 9 Key Features, 2 New Integrations, and More!
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Year in Recap 2022: 9 Key Features, 2 New Integrations, and More!

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December 12, 2022

    With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to reflect on the past year.

    I started this tradition last year by listing our wins and the things that we shipped (last’s year recap here). It’s such a great way to gain perspective from the day-to-day.

    To start off this year’s review, here is one statistic that blew my mind:

    582 446 feedback items have been reported through since January 1st, 2022.

    On top of that, here’s what we shipped:

    • 1 application redesign
    • 9 new features
    • 2 new integrations
    • 32 blog posts
    • 31 videos
    • 80+ small improvements and fixes
    • 1677 chat conversations (1h55m median first response time)

    We managed to do that with a team of 6.

    Let’s have a look!

    1. Session replay

    Session Replay
    • What it does: Rewind what clients did before submitting feedback. Watch an automatically recorded video of exactly what happened right before your clients reported a bug.
    • Why it’s useful: It helps you understand the exact journey that leads to someone reporting a bug so it’s easier to reproduce.
    • How to use: Activate Session Replay in your widget settings and let feedback roll in. Your reporters don’t have to do anything.
    How session replay works for

    Learn more →

    2. Attachments

    • What it does: Allow reporters to attach files when reporting or commenting on feedback.
    • Why it’s useful: Helps to reduce the amount of back and forth. Less email. Better collaboration.
    • How to use: Drag and drop files on the widget or in the comment section inside the feedback page.

    3. Demo website

    Demo website
    • What it does: Allow your team to test your widget on a demo website before installing it on your website.
    • Why it’s useful: You can customize and play around with your widget before you even have to install it on your real website. You can even report dummy feedback and try all collaboration features.
    • How to use: Inside each project, under your widget settings, you will find a button to try your widget on our demo website.

    4. Redesign of application

    Feedback page
    • What it does: We did a complete redesign of the application’s user experience and interface.
    • Why it’s useful: Makes it super easy to use navigate and use the application.
    • How to use: Nothing. Just log in and enjoy :)

    Learn more →

    5. Native issue tracking

    Native issue tracker
    • What it does: Allows you to collect feedback and collaborate inside, without connecting an integration like Jira, Trello, ClickUp, GitHub, etc.
    • Why it’s useful: Allows you to get started with more easily to manage smaller projects that don’t require 2-way integrations with other project management tools.
    • How to use: When creating a new project, simply select “continue without integration”.

    6. Slack & Email notifications

    • What it does: Receive Slack and/or email notifications when key events happen in your projects like receiving new feedback, new comments, or when feedback changes status.
    • Why it’s useful: Get notified faster so you can collaborate faster.
    • How to use: Under your project settings, go to notifications. Add your channels & emails, then select which events you want to receive a notification for.

    Learn more →

    Note: We are slowly deprecating our old Slack integration. If you’re using it, consider migrating over to Slack notifications. Contact support if you’re not sure how to migrate.

    7. Join workspace via domain

    Domain join
    • What it does: Allows anyone with a specific email domain to join your workspace.
    • Why it’s useful: Ensures that only one workspace is created under your company domain.
    • How to use: Under your workspace settings, add and verify the email domain you want to allow.

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    8. Screenshot quality improvements

    Screenshot renderer
    • What it does: Improves the overall capture speed and quality of your screenshots.
    • Why it’s useful: Ensures that each piece of feedback contains screenshots that are as pixel-perfect as possible.
    • How to use: Most changes happen in the backend so you don’t have to do anything. If you’re still experiencing issues with screenshot quality and fidelity, we have a few recommendations.

    Pro Tip: Increase screenshots fidelity →

    9. LogRocket integration


    • What it does: Records the LogRocket session and attaches it to feedback.
    • Why it’s useful: Helps to understand and reproduce what led to a customer reporting an issue via
    • How to use: Embed both LogRocket and the widget on your site and it will automatically capture it.

    Learn more →

    10. Azure DevOps (2-way integration)

    Azure Devops
    • What it does: Report issues and collect feedback directly into Azure DevOps as new work items. It also automatically resolves issues when a work item is closed.
    • Why it’s useful: Teams working in Azure DevOps never have to leave it to collect and collaborate on customer feedback.
    • How to use: When adding a new project, select the Azure DevOps integrations.

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    What’s next

    We started off the year by working on a lot of “invisible” work to improve performance, reliability, user experience, and security. Toward the second part of the year, we focused on building a lot of new features. You can see all changes in the Changelog.

    As for next year, we have plans to continue making even better for you. We’ve also decided to make the process more collaborative and involve you more in the product decision. You can vote for new features and find our roadmap here →

    Until then, our team is going to take a short break for Christmas and we'll see you in 2023!

    Thank you from the whole team!

    Happy holidays,

    Gary, Founder & CEO

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