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Join your team’s workspace with your email domain
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Join your team’s workspace with your email domain

Last updated:
March 31, 2022

    Inviting people to Marker.io is annoying.

    Each time a new colleague joins your company, you need to remember to give them the proper access.

    With this new update, your colleagues will be able to join on their own.

    Let’s see how it works 👇

    What is "email domain join"?

    Instead of manually inviting people to your Marker.io workspace, you can now allow them to join your team automatically if they have the same company email as you.

    Join a workspace based in your verified email

    Why do I need an email domain to join?

    Fun fact: 65% of all paying customers have at least 1 other person with the same email domain on a different Marker.io account.

    This means that these users never get to use your account properly!

    With this new update, you will never have to worry about colleagues creating a different Marker.io account, with a free trial and no destinations/projects setup. Now, all your teammates will always be under the same paid account!

    How to enable domain join?

    Adding a domain to your workspace is super easy

    1) Verify your personal email


    2) Add your company domain


    3) Invite colleagues with the same email domain, but on different accounts (optional)

    Is it secure?

    To join a workspace through your email domain, your colleagues need to prove ownership of that email domain. That’s why every new sign-up will have to verify their email.

    As for existing users, they will need to verify their email before joining too

    What about billing?

    When a new user joins your team, that user will count against your quota. Each Marker.io plan comes with a limit of team members as follows:

    • 5 Members on the Starter plan
    • 10 Members on the Team plan
    • 25 Members on the Company plan

    If you exceed your quota limit, you will be billed per bundle of 5 extra users. For example, if your team is on the Starter plan (5 members), and a 6th user joins, your new quota will increase to 10 users. You will also be charged an extra $12/mo for those extra 5 users quota.

    Can I review who joins?

    Regardless of your quota, all admins will always receive an email notification when a new user joins. You will be able to remove them or downgrade them to a free Guest account in your settings.

    Can guests join based on email domain?

    At the moment, anyone with an approved email domain will join as a team member. Guest users like clients will still need to be invited manually at the destination/project level.

    Is it available on my plan?

    This feature is available to all customers, regardless of your plan.


    Getting all your colleagues under the same roof is now easier than ever. Give this new feature a try and let us know what you think?

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