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🤩 New Dashboard for 2022

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February 11, 2022

After playing with over 14,000 lines of code, we launched a brand new User interface this week!

"Why?" you might ask?

Well, if I had to sum it up in one word, I would say "Confusion"!

We had at least 4 reasons for the update:

  1. The old menu/navigation was too confusing.
  2. It was unclear who was reporting where.
  3. It was not clear what settings our various users could see.
  4. Members could not see the status of issues (oops)

Let's see how we addressed each of these below.

1: Clear Navigation structures

Personal/Workspace settings:

We moved all personal/workspace settings into a modal to completely distinguish them from the Destination settings. You now access this modal from the menu on the top right.

Personal settings include:

  • Editing your profile
  • Viewing your entire feedback history
  • Checking all integrations you have linked to your account

Workspace settings include:

  • Editing your company name
  • Adding company branding
  • Adding and removing members and guests to your account
  • And viewing all of our subscription plans

Destination settings

To access destination settings, click on your relevant destination.

Within this left-hand destination navigation, we have 3 clear options:

  • Feedback
  • Widget
  • Settings

Feedback is where you can view and get an analysis of all feedback sent to that destination.

Widget is where you can fine-tune all of your widget settings including,

  • Button appearance
  • Button visibility
  • Guest and member forms
  • Security

Finally, within Settings, you can:

  • Edit the thumbnail of the destination
  • Decide if guests can see all feedback from other guests.
  • Invite users to report specifically on this destination
  • Edit status sync settings
  • Check your integration details specifically for this destination

The entire navigation has been completely revamped and the main pain point of our users on our old platform has been resolved. We welcome any feedback on this!

2: Improved feedback view

Since we now give every user the option of uploading their profile pic, it is super clear who reported what.

Below is a “member view” of the feedback on this specific destination.

See how easy it is to filter by role and status.

And now a guest view of the same destination.

As a guest, we can only see guest feedback, and we can filter by reporter and by status.

3: What can users see?

An admin member can see everything we covered in 1 above.

A standard member will see the same as an admin, but will not be able to edit billing.

A guest will experience a paired-down version of our app.

They will see within account settings, their profile and, their feedback history.

Here is the all-new guest view:

Within destinations, guests may view all past guest feedback history, including comments and statuses.

4: Members and guests have a similar view of feedback.

Here is the new member feedback view

And here is the new guest feedback view

As you can see, they are very similar.

The member view is slightly more advanced. Members can view the Integration status, and they have a link to open the issue in the integration (in this case, Trello)

The guest view will only see the feedback of guests.

So that’s it for this update! We’ve had some very positive feedback so far.

Get in touch in the chat if you have any comments or feedback!

As you can see below, we’ve come a long way!!

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