product updates recap [Q3-2021]
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Last updated:
September 30, 2021

    The team has been working tirelessly to improve our product offering here at Check out the new additions below!👇

    New Integrations

    Notion: We now integrate with Notion, and the excitement is real. Between us 🤫 we've never had so much attention to our website!

    Linear: We also released our integration with Linear. We have many happy customers using our Linear integration with great success 😎.

    New Features

    Preset values: The most requested feature at HQ since, well, ever! Auto-assign team members, pre-fill labels, and much more. Go nerd out on it today 🤓

    Detailed Insights &  Analytics Go deep on the stats! Who are your MVP reporters? How many issues have been reported & resolved 📈.

    Coming Soon

    Custom Branding - Coming v soon: We're busy working on custom branding to integrate your logos and color scheme into our product. We will notify you are soon as this feature goes live.

    Our story 📽️

    Did you know we started as a digital agency?

    • We experienced the pain and stress of bug reporting. We wanted something that could make our lives a lot easier. was born!
    • We have three cofounders.
    • It took us some time to find the product/market fit
    • We put careful thought into hiring

    Starting a SaaS is challenging. Check out the no-holds-barred interview with our CEO Gary Gaspar.

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