Linear integration is here!
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Linear integration is here!

Last updated:
August 18, 2021

    Linear is the new kid on the block in the issue tracker category 😎

    Naturally, it quickly became our most requested integration. You asked. We delivered!

    Thanks to this new Linear integration, you can collect visual feedback through our website widget directly as new Linear issues.

    Let's see how it works 👇

    Collect visual bug reports directly on your site or app

    Thanks to our website widget, you can let your customers and internal team members send visual bug reports into Linear without leaving your website or app. Reporters can also get their points across with visual annotations. No more switching to a 3rd party screenshot tool just to explain a bug!

    This is how easy it is to report visual bugs into Linear with the widget.

    Tip: If you have a web app, integrate our widget through our JS Browser SDK library to take full control of the widget experience.

    Record technical metadata

    All Linear issues created through include technical metadata along with the annotated screenshot. Here is a list of technical metadata that can be added to your Linear issues:

    • Page URL
    • Browser version
    • OS version
    • Viewport size & pixel ratio
    • Console errors, warnings & logs
    • Custom metadata (eg: user_ID)
    All technical metadata recorded by in a Linear issue. 

    Create perfect bug reporting form (2-way sync)

    All fields inside your widget form are pulled in from your Linear account.

    For example, your labels, assignees, cycles, and statuses in Linear will be available in your widget form. Simply hide the fields your want to keep private

    All fields and values are in the widget are pulled and synced from Linear

    Notify reporter when Linear status changes (2-way sync)

    Since most reporters don't have access to your Linear account - customers, users, clients -  letting them know when an issue has been resolved can be tricky. Thanks to our 2-way integration, will send a confirmation email as soon as you close an issue in Linear

    Close feedback loop with comments (2-way sync)

    Reach out to reporters who do not have a Linear account, right from inside your Linear issues. You will be able to message back-and-forth via the portal with your customers.

    The best part? All conversations will be logged back into your Linear issues

    Comments exchanged via will be logged back into your Linear issue

    Bonus: Browser extension

    For your internal QA testing, you can also our browser extension to log Linear issues on the fly. Again, all fields inside the browser extension form are synced with your Linear account.

    How to get started?

    Start a free trial or log in to your account and add your first Linear destination. Then embed your widget on your website and start collecting feedback!

    For more information, check out the Linear landing page

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