Advanced Destination Insights & Analytics
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Advanced Destination Insights & Analytics

Last updated:
July 13, 2021

    Another exciting feature for all the data nerds out there. 🤓

    Have you ever wondered how well is being used by your team and clients? How good is your team at addressing issues? And who are the best reporters?

    With this new update, we bring answers to your questions!

    Let's see how it works 👇

    How many issues have been marked as Resolved?

    Collecting feedback is only part of the job. To really assess how well your team is addressing issues, you need to look at how many issues have been actually marked as Resolved.

    With this new update, you can see at a glance how many issues in total have been marked as Resolved for each destination.

    Thanks to our status auto-update feature, each time you close an issue inside your issue tracker like Jira, Trello, Asana, Teamwork, ClickUp, etc....., your issue will automatically be marked as Resolved in!

    How many issues have been reported?

    Check the health of your destination with a quick glance. No need to wonder if people are actually using!

    In your graph, you'll see:

    • Issues reported by Guests and Public reporters (red)
    • Issues reported by Members (blue)
    • The cumulative amount of issues over the last 30 days. (grey)
    Tip: Hover any line on the graph for an accurate reading on specific days.

    Who are my most active feedback contributors?

    Want to thank your clients or team member, but not sure who you should actually be thanking?

    You can now see the top 5 most active issue reporters over the last 30 days

    How to get access?

    Destination insights and analytics are available on the Team and Company plans.

    To access your dashboard, log into your account, then go to Destinations > [YOUR_DESTINATION] > Settings > Dashboard.

    If you would like to see other data points added, send us a message and we might consider adding them!

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