Update Clients Statuses, Without Leaving Your Tools!
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Update Clients Statuses, Without Leaving Your Tools!

Last updated:
April 22, 2021

    With this new feature, you can update Marker.io statuses and notify Guests as soon as you close an issue in your favorite issue tracker.

    We started Marker.io to help teams collect bugs reports and website feedback from clients, without driving your developers crazy. However asking developers to give real-time status update to your clients has always been a struggle.

    Until today…

    Resolve Guest issues inside your issue tracker

    Since most of your Guests do not have access to your project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asana (and more), Marker.io provides standard statuses built-in to keep your Guests in the loop. Right now, we offer 3 statuses for Guests:

    • Open
    • Resolved
    • Archived

    Thanks to the new status auto-update feature, you can create rules to automatically mark and notify a Guest when an issue is moved to Resolved.


    Note that this update works for the following integrations:

    • Trello
    • Jira
    • Asana
    • Teamwork
    • Wrike
    • ClickUp
    • GitHub
    • Gitlab
    • Clubhouse

    Now, when someone on your team changes the status inside your integration (Trello, Jira, Asana,...), your Guest's issue will automatically be updated to Resolved.


    Notify your Guests, automatically

    As soon as the Guest status updates to "Resolved", we will send your Guests a confirmation email like this one:


    You can also give your clients access to our Guest portal and help them view all statuses at a glance in real time.


    Keep track of Guest notifications, inside your tools

    When someone on your team updates an issue inside your favorite issue tracker, the Marker.io bot will add a confirmation message.

    Your developers can easily see when a Guest has been notified. You can disable this feature if you want.


    Common questions

    Q: Who gets access to this new feature?

    This feature is available on our new plans (which also come with unlimited Guests).

    Which plan are you on?

    • Customer after January 2021: If you bought or upgraded to a new plan after Jan 2021, you should have access to this new feature.
    • Customer before Jan 2021 : If you bought your plan before Jan 2021, chances are that you are on a legacy plan. To get access, update to one of our new plans. Compare how your existing plan stacks up to the new plans here (click on "compare with my plan".)

    Q: How do I enable/disable the status auto-update feature?

    All destinations created after 22th of April 2021 will have this setting enabled by default for eligible customers.

    As for destinations created before this date, you can enable on destinations that have a "status auto-update" paused button like this:

    You can also turn it on  inside each destination by going into your specific destination, then settings > status auto-update.


    Keeping clients happy and updated will help you grow your business. However, you can't ask your developers to spend their time jumping between tools and writing emails just to keep your clients happy either.

    Thanks to the status auto-update, they won't need to do that.

    Developers just need to do their job inside their tools and Marker.io will take care of keeping your clients updated and happy 🙂

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