Notion Integration is live!
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Notion Integration is live!

Last updated:
September 23, 2021

    Introducing the all-new Notion Integration

    The Notion API is in BETA, but that's not going to hold us back here at! Yep, that's right. We are now delighted to announce that we integrate directly with Notion 😎 .

    Now your customers, users & internal team members can send these visual bug reports and feedback directly into Notion without ever leaving your website.

    Exciting improvements are happening with the Notion API, and we see our integration with them improving all the time. Are you as excited as us? Let's check it out below. 👇 & Notion integration demo

    Let's start with a short demo of this integration below

    Only two steps are required to sync your feedback to Notion

    As you see from the above video, you only need two steps to get this all working:

    1: Set up your destination on to link your website/web app directly with a Notion database

    2: Add the JavaScript widget snippet code anywhere above the closing </head> tag on your website

    Once you have completed those two steps, your reporters can capture and annotate directly on your website, and everything will be synced back into Notion. How cool is that? 😎

    Let's report our first feedback

    Here I  notice that the contact us button is not working on the about us page of my website. The steps I take to report this are:

    • Click on "Report a bug"
    • Point to the contact button with the cool annotation tools
    • Type in a useful title, eg: Hey this contact button is broken!
    • Fill out a description. This is not compulsory.
    • Select a status. I select "To do"

    And that's it, my job is done!

    I receive an email telling me that my feedback has been received, nice!

    The feedback is synced to your notion database

    This is where the real power of is displayed. The entire bug report has synced to your Notion database and includes:

    • The annotated screenshot
    • The title & description
    • The name & email of the reporter
    • The URL of the page form which the feedback was sent
    • Complete environment information including the exact browser and OS
    • Console logs if applicable.
    • The list goes on!!

    How about contacting the feedback reporter? Yes, that's also an option!

    Say you'd like some further clarity on a bug, or you'd simply like to drop the reporter a note saying thanks for spotting the bug and reporting it. To do this follow the 4 steps below.

    • 1: Click the "Contact via" link on the Notion report
    • 2: This opens up the commenting portal, send your note here
    • 3: The reporter will receive an email with your note, and a link with an opportunity to reply to your comment.
    • 4: All of this communication will be again synced back to your Notion database.

    Seeing is believing, you gotta try this out today!

    Advanced settings? We've got you covered!

    Of course, the above is only the very basics of what we offer here at HQ. You may also:

    • Edit the look and feel of the widget
    • Report metadata
    • Show and hide fields on the reporter forms
    • Communicate with your reporters
    • And so much more

    Our latest Get Started guides are now live

    We have recently published some guides that you may find helpful. They cover a lot of the advanced steps listed above in detail:

    Got questions?

    Hey, we understand, we do our best to cover everything in detail here, but sometimes we're so close to the product that we forget that things may not be clearly explained. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of any of our web pages. We'll get back to you asap. Thanks!

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