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About Wellnecity

Wellnecity helps U.S. employers decrease health benefit costs by 10-30% annually by leveraging data to better manage vendors and engage employees.

To fulfill that promise, the team has built its own suite of web-based tools to help them make better decisions and be more efficient. That’s where came into play. John Quinn is the CEO and Founder at Wellnecity and he has been using since 2015 to communicate design feedback with virtual team members.

Life before

Before, John used to share visual feedback via a PowerPoint file as he explains:

“ is like candy to me because prior to discovering your tool, I would take snapshots, mark them up and put them into a PowerPoint file for my team to review.”

Not only was this process time consuming, it would be hard for the team to know what was done and what was still in progress. After one of his developers introduced Trello as a way to manage tasks and keep track of progress, the team collaboration dramatically improved. However, John still found the process of reporting bugs and design feedback into Trello cards quite inefficient.

How has Wellnecity's bug reporting process evolved?

wellnecity process before
wellnecityo process after


I asked John why he started looking for a solution like and he said:

“I was basically trying to answer the question of how do I more effectively interface with my virtual team?” I remember telling myself: “I wish I could just sit with my developer and draw this on a whiteboard.”

After looking for a tool that deeply integrated with Trello, John came across Now whenever John sees a visual bug or he has an idea to improve some part of their web-app, he uses’s browser extension to snap a screenshot of the feedback and create a Trello card without leaving his website. He knows his developers will take it from there.

“ has really been a home run for reviewing online material and sending them out to our virtual partners like a front-end developer.

By combining with Trello, I can confidently share design feedback in an efficient and asynchronous manner with my team.”

John Quinn, CEO of Wellnecity

One last thing…

After using mostly to communicate on design issues, the team also started using the “Quick link” feature to snap, annotate and share screenshots on the fly to communicate visually on other various topics like analytics, support, etc… has now become the all-in-one visual communication tool for the whole company.

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