How Hull got everyone on the team to report actionable product issues into Jira






Key Integration

About Hull

Hull is a software company that solves a huge pain for internet businesses trying to make sense of who they customers are and what they do. Hull helps companies gather all customer data from different sources into one unified customer database, enabling them to create meaningful customers relationships at scale.

Romain Dardour is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Hull. He and his team have been using together with Jira to improve their bug reporting and QA workflow internally.


Like many fast growing software companies, the team first got started by tracking and discussing product issues in Trello and Slack. But as the team grew, complexity increased. They needed a better way to plan, track and ship software. The team finally settled on Jira as the company’s source of truth, but a few people were reluctant to adopting it.

“Logging new issues in Jira is a very clunky process.

That’s why we love so much! It makes it so easy for anyone on the team to report visual issues directly into Jira without leaving our app. Huge improvement to our testing & QA workflow!”

Romain Dardour, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Hull

How has Hull's bug reporting process evolved?

hull process before
hull process after

How does Hull use

QA testers

QA Testing: When a new update is available for testing, the QA team (usually a designer or a product person), goes through the update to hunt for remaining bugs and issues. When they come across a visual bug, they will snap a screenshot using the browser extension, add a few annotations to get their point across and create a new Jira issue via Since all fields from Jira are pulled into, the team usually assigns a developer, without going into the Jira interface.


Developers: The dev team does not actively uses to report issues but they love that all incoming issues are well documented with a clear screenshot, the page URL and info about the browser, OS and screen size.

Product managers

Product: The product team uses to capture feedback and product ideas to discuss them in Slack. When necessary, they use they the convert screenshot link in Slack to convert the screenshot into a Jira issue.


Company-wide: Other teammates who are less involved in the development of the product but who are constantly “touching” the app and website use to log ideas, bugs and feedback into a dedicated Jira project. The incoming issues are then sorted and prioritize by someone and the product team.

Final thought

Romain’s favorite thing about is the simple and elegant UX of the product. Because of that, the tool was adopted pretty easily internally and has now become a critical tool to’s QA process.

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