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Our WordPress Plugin is Live!
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Our WordPress Plugin is Live!

Last updated:
June 3, 2021

    WordPress is still the King!

    Did you know that 41.6% of all the websites in the world use WordPress?*

    That's why we're super excited to announce our own Wordpress plugin!

    Now you can enable the Marker.io widget on your WordPress site, without embedding a piece of code, and much more!

    Let's see how it works 👇

    No-code installation

    Get the Marker.io website widget without the need of embedding a snippet code. Simply install the Marker.io plugin from the WordPress plugin Marketplace.

    Alternatively, you can download the plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/marker-io/

    Connect your WP site to your favorite issue tracker

    Instead of managing feedback in yet another platform, the Marker.io plugin connects your WordPress site directly to your favorite project management tool! A Trello board, Jira project, , GitHub repository, Teamwork project, and many more.

    Your team won't have to worry about where to look for feedback any more, since everything arrives directly into their ecosystem.

    Control widget visibility

    Let your widget be available to all your website visitors, or limit the visibility to only the users that are logged into your Wordpress site.

    This is especially useful if your Wordpress site is live on a production environment, but you want to limit feedback collection to only your clients and colleagues.

    Autofill reporters' emails and names

    When submitting feedback via Marker.io, logged-in WordPress users will have their email and named filled in automatically. No need to ask your clients to submit their email twice!

    By the way, this feature is part of a general product update to help site owner pass reporters' information programatically. You can learn more about our new reporter identify method here.

    Feedback overview via the Guest portal

    Wordpress users with a non-administrator role (like clients) will see a simplified version of the plugin. Here, they can easily access previously reported feedback.

    They will be able to see all feedback that they submitted into the destination, without needing access to your team's project management tool.

    Note that this feature requires access to the guest portal feature, which is available starting on the Team plan or higher.

    And many more features

    Of course, you will also get access to every existing features built inside Marker.io such as:

    • On-site reporting: Your clients and colleagues don't need to install anything to send feedback & bug reports.
    • Screenshot & annotations: All feedback will include a screenshot of the page that reporters can annotate directly on your site.
    • Destinations: Connect your website directly to your favorite issue tracker or project management tool.
    • Widget customisation: Build your own form and customize the look and feel to match your branding.
    • Field synchronisation: All your fields from your favorite tools are pulled into your Marker.io forms, even custom fields.
    • Responsive mobile-ready: Report feedback on any browsers and mobile devices
    • 2-way sync integration: Notify reporters as soon as your team closes an issue inside your favorite project management tool.
    • Technical meta data: All issues come with useful developer-friendly data like the Page URL, browser version, screen size and more.
    • Console log recording: Client-side errors and logs in the console are automatically recorded and added to your issues
    • Commenting: Ask question, get approval and chat with clients on individual issues
    • Feedback portal: Give your best clients an overview of all feedback they have previously reported

    How to get started?

    Log into your WordPress site, then go to the plugin menu and search for Marker.io, or download the ZIP file here.

    Once the plugin is installed and activated, connect your favorite destination and start collecting feedback!

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