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10 Best Usersnap Alternatives in 2023: Which One Is Right for You?
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10 Best Usersnap Alternatives in 2023: Which One Is Right for You?

Last updated:
December 25, 2022

    In this post, we compare the 10 best Usersnap alternatives and competitors based on features, use cases, and pricing.

    Usersnap is a popular customer feedback software solution for web agencies, developers, and SaaS companies.

    However, Usersnap is far from the only customer feedback tool on the market. There are dozens of alternatives.

    Whether you’re already a Usersnap customer looking for an alternative, or in the market for a customer feedback tool, it’s worth exploring the options. 

    We have compared the 10 best Usersnap alternatives and competitors, helping you to understand the most useful features for different use cases, and comparing prices. 

    Let’s dive right in.

    10 Best Usersnap Alternatives in 2023

    These are the best tools to help you gather feedback and collect customer insights on your website or web app, in comparison to Usersnap. 

    1. Marker.io

    Collect feedback and bug reports straight into your PM tool, without leaving your website.

    With Marker.io, users, clients, and colleagues can send you feedback and bug reports without leaving your website or app.

    Marker.io is the best Usersnap alternative to collect the data you need in a one-click, non-intrusive way.

    No more back-and-forth with email, inbox overload, or neverending Slack messages.

    Unlike Usersnap, it comes with deep 2-way integrations with your favorite project management (PM) tools.

    Here’s more about Marker.io's features and what makes it the best Usersnap alternative.

    2-way PM tool integrations

    With Marker.io, when a user reports a bug or provides feedback, that update goes straight into your PM tool.

    Team leaders or product managers can assign it to a developer automatically.

    Once it’s actioned, the task can be marked as resolved in a PM tool, and the user or client can be notified too.

    It’s that simple!

    Marker.io integrates seamlessly with dozens of market-leading PM tools, such as Jira, GitHub, Trello, ClickUp, Notion, and many more.

    This way, you don’t have to jump between tools.

    This makes your PM suite your single source of truth for every task, roadmap item, bug report, and user feedback about every website and app project.

    Check it out in action:

    Marker.io's 2-way sync keeps your clients in the loop.

    Visual bug reporting and feedback with annotations

    Unless you make it super easy for them, customers and users aren’t going to give you feedback.

    So, you rarely know what’s wrong with your website or app and what can be improved. 

    Now you can. With Marker.io, customers and users can leave visual feedback and data-rich bug reports in real-time in only a couple of clicks.

    The best thing is, this feedback is visual.

    It comes with an automatic screenshot, and users (or clients) can visually annotate it, and leave a comment. This makes it easier for you to understand what needs changing. 

    It’s ideal for client relationships too. Putting an end to inbox overload! Clients can leave feedback the same way, on live websites or on staging, and then it can be quickly actioned. 

    For customers and users, giving feedback is a simple 3-step process: 

    1. Notice something that’s broken, or want to give feedback? Just click the button.
    2. Fill out the feedback form and input details.
    3. Click on “Report Issue”—done!

    Check it out:

    A reporter finding a bug and reporting it via Marker.io’s feedback button.

    Data-rich feedback that devs can actually action

    When a client or user notices a bug all they see is something is wrong.

    As far as they’re concerned, it’s up to developers or the customer support team to fix the problem.

    Unfortunately, properly reporting a bug—when you’re not tech savvy—isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    A report that says, “X is broken, it doesn’t work, can you fix it?”, isn’t enough for an engineer to resolve an issue.

    Fortunately, with Marker.io, your team gets the following automatically included in every bug report:

    • The specific URL/web or app page the user was on when the bug occurred;
    • Environment (browser, OS, device, screen size);
    • Console logs;
    • Metadata;
    • And a replay of the last 30 seconds before the bug occurred.

    With all of that data going automatically into the assigned task in the PM tool, your team can action a bug fix quickly and notify the client or user. 

    Session Replay, making it easier to replicate bugs

    With Session Replay, you can instantly see what a client or user was doing before submitting a bug report. Marker.io gives you:

    • Visual feedback (screen capture included);
    • All of the technical data you need;
    • A video replay of the last 30 seconds (or more) of user activity, so you can see exactly what they were doing and where on the website/app before submitting a report.

    You can watch this video recording within your PM tool, so there’s no need to jump between apps.

    Want to give Marker.io a go? Try Marker.io free for 15 days, add it to your agency workflow, and let us know what you think!

    Pricing: starts at $39/mo.

    2. Crowdsignal

    Collect user or client feedback with a simple online form. 

    Crowdsignal is an Automattic product (WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr), giving you a useful plugin to collect user feedback. With Crowdsignal, you can:

    • Create custom online forms or use templates;
    • Quickly and easily collect the feedback you need to improve your user experience;
    • Export survey and poll data into Google Workspace and a handful of other apps.

    Pricing: free (collect 2,500 responses), with prices starting at $25/mo.

    3. Typeform

    Create custom forms and surveys with an easy-to-use tool. 

    Typeform surveys and quizzes display one question at a time, improving the survey experience for users. It’s one of the reasons this is so popular. 

    With Typeform, you can:

    • Use templates or create your own survey;
    • Publish surveys or feedback buttons on websites or apps, so you can collect customer experience feedback and bug reports;
    • Share that data with team members and input the information into various tools, such as PM software.

    Pricing: plans from $29/mo, with a limited free option available.

    4. Hotjar

    Customer feedback tool with analytics, surveys, and visual heatmaps. 

    Our next Usersnap alternative is Hotjar.

    With over 900,000 websites using the platform to collect on-page customer feedback and analytics data, this is one of the most popular tools out there.

    With Hotjar, project managers and agency owners can:

    • Give users and clients the ability to share their thoughts and report bugs with a website feedback widget;
    • Replay user sessions with videos and track what users do with heatmaps and analytics;
    • Create tailored surveys to get all of the information you need.

    Pricing: starts at $66/mo.

    5. Mopinion

    A Swiss army knife of user experience and feedback tools for SaaS and agencies. 

    Mopinion provides a suite of end-to-end solutions so companies can create a seamless digital experience. Mopinion includes:

    • Surveys, questionnaires and quizzes;
    • Multiple analytics solutions;
    • Integrations with hundreds of apps and PM tools.

    Pricing: from $289/mo to $699/mo.

    6. SurveySensum

    An AI-backed software suite for collecting customer feedback and satisfaction scores.

    SurveySensum leverages AI to give you the following tools:

    • Collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Effort Scores (CES), and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT);
    • Send or embed surveys questions to customers across numerous channels, including website integrations and email;
    • Share that feedback internally and connect that feedback with dozens of apps, including PM tools

    Pricing: free plan (25 responses per month), with prices starting at $61/mo for 250 responses and up to $624/mo for 10,000 responses.

    7. Jira

    A project management tool for bug reports and user feedback with dozens of integrations.

    Jira is a project management tool popular with agile web development teams.

    • Organize and action bug reports and feedback;
    • Manage your web projects within one app—instead of several;
    • Benefit from an extensive range of PM tools and features.

    Pricing: $0 (10 users), up to $15.25/mo per user.

    Want to collect website issues directly into Jira? See how Jira/Marker.io integration works

    8. Wrike 

    Another Usersnap alternative is Wrike. While it is primarily a PM tool, it works quite well as a bug and user feedback reporting solution too. It includes:

    • Customizable request forms that users can fill out to report a bug;
    • Prioritize tasks and assign developers with just one click;
    • Automate reminders and manage dev team’s workflow and processes.

    Pricing: Starts with a Free plan, and then increases to $9.80 per user/mo.

    Want to collect website issues directly into Wrike? See how Wrike/Marker.io integration works

    9. ClickUp

    An impressive multi-feature project management tool that’s popular with thousands of companies and agencies.

    ClickUp includes the following suite of tools:

    • Everything you’d expect from a PM tool: projects, custom workflows, labels, task and subtask management, and more;
    • Documentation and analytics;
    • Bug tracking functionality, although you may need Marker.io to ensure clients and users can report bugs to the dev team.

    Pricing: from Free (for personal use), up to $29/mo per user.

    Want to collect website issues directly into ClickUp? See how ClickUp/Marker.io integration works

    10. Asana

    Project management and issue-tracking solution. 

    Similar to Trello and other popular PM tools, dev teams and agencies can do a lot with Asana:

    • Assign tasks and sub-tasks;
    • Integrate with other tools so users and customers can report bugs; 
    • Resolve issues and update those who provided feedback.

    Pricing: starts with a Free plan (teams of <15), and then goes up to $13.49/mo per user.

    Wrapping up...

    And that about wraps up our list of the 10 best Usersnap alternatives and competitors!

    We hope this post helped you decide on a tool that’s right for you.

    Did we miss something? Let us know on Twitter or via e-mail!

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