New: Easier Team Members Adoption of
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New: Easier Team Members Adoption of

Last updated:
September 26, 2019

    Discover's latest features to help admins onboard their team members.

    We’re excited to release 3 improvements that will make onboarding team members a lot easier. As you’ll see, these 3 improvements are all intertwined, and they all complement each other nicely to help you get your team set up and ready to go!

    Let’s dig in!

    Feature 1: Allow all team members to report into specific destinations

    In the past, whenever you added a new destination to your account, you had to invite all team members individually. And worse, when you invited a new team member, you had to invite them separately to all existing destinations.

    Thanks to this new feature, you can make sure that all existing and future team members will instantly be able to report into your destinations.

    Feature 2: Share secret link to automatically get your team to join your account

    Getting new team members up and ready to start reporting feedback through was a challenge for many teams. But don’t take our word for it. This is what one of our customer had to say about that:

    We need a way to make our employees be able to report bugs/feedback without being manually invited by our admin.

    Thanks to our new invite link feature, your admin can simply share your team’s secret team link internally and have team members join on their own. Combine this with the feature explained earlier and you can make sure that team members can a)sign up to on their own, and b)report into your destinations instantly, without needing an admin to give them destination access manually

    Feature 3: Invite new team members to multiple destinations at once

    When you go to your reporter’s page inside your admin, you can now invite team members. Because of the first feature explained earlier, this use case now makes sense as new team members can instantly have access to your destinations.


    If you’re an admin who has struggled in the past to get your team members to adopt and to report bugs and feedback, give these new features a try and let us know what you think :)

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