Improve collaboration with new Feedback Page
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Improve collaboration with new Feedback Page

Last updated:
August 10, 2022

    We’re happy to announce our new Feedback page design and comment attachments. The main goal was to make communication with guests and developers much smoother and more complete.

    After talking with a few of our customers to better understand the needs and issues with our previous Feedback page, we came up with the issue page that you can experience live now.

    New Feedback design

    In a nutshell, information is easier to read and find.

    Key changes:

    • Centralized information on the left and comments on the right
    • Metadata are now under tabs below the screenshot. These tabs will allow us to easily add more information in the future without breaking the layout of the page.
    • 2-way Integration are way more clear
    • For Jira users, we’re now showing the Jira Custom text fields that were sent during reporting.
    • Console logs and metadata are available to developers even when not logged to when they open the link from your PM tool.

    Comment attachments

    You can now attach files to your comments. A few examples of when it might be helpful to your team:

    • Show the final result after a fix;
    • Send the latest design version;
    • Send the image to be replaced.
    Example of a comment with attachments in Linear (works the same way with all our integrations)

    Key changes:

    • Add attachments to your comments via your finder, drag & drop or paste an image in the comment box.
    • Attachments are linked to the comment in the PM tool, and your email notifications
    • Find all the attachments under the Attachments tab

    List of feedback

    Same look, just much faster.

    Key changes:

    • The list is loading faster now, thanks to the work we did in the backend.
    • We update the list in real-time, so there’s no need to refresh to see if new feedback has arrived.
    • You can now scroll infinitely to load all feedback. No more 25 feedback per page limit.
    • Hide and show feedback info to make the list of feedback your own.

    That’s a wrap. We’d love to get your feedback on it! Reach out to us in the support if you have a suggestion.

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