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Identify Your Reporters via Snippet Code
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Identify Your Reporters via Snippet Code

Last updated:
June 1, 2021

    If you're collecting feedback from known users (like your own paid customers), this update is for you!

    With this new update, you won't have to ask reporters to provide their email and name when they report feedback for the first time. Once we have the information, we store it in local storage so they don't have to put it in every time, whether you add the identify library snippet or not.

    Let's see how it works 👇

    Without Identify JS call

    Until you implement our new identify call into your code, reporters will need to provide their email and name when they submit their feedback for the first time.

    With Identify JS call

    With this new update, you can ask your your developers to pass your reporter's information programatically by following this technical documentation.

    To achieve this, just add some extra JavaScript code to your existing Marker.io's embed code.

    Once implemented by your developer, you can take a look into your page's code and see your reporter's info.

    This means that the reporter will not need to fill out their personal info when reporting feedback.

    This whole step happens in the background!

    Do I need a developer?


    If you're using a CMS like WordPress and activate our new WordPress feedback plugin, Marker.io will grab your WordPress logged-in user's email and name automatically. No-code required!


    For custom websites and web-apps, yes, you will need a developer. You can ask them to implement it by sending them the link to this technical documentation.


    This new update is one more step in the direction of enabling you to collect better feedback and bug reports from clients and team members.

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