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Say Goodbye to Client Emails with Guest Commenting
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Say Goodbye to Client Emails with Guest Commenting

Last updated:
January 25, 2021

    The new widget has already helped thousands of teams to reduce the amount of emails from clients, users and colleagues.

    No more emails to explain problems. Click the widget, snap a screenshot and send it to developers in 1 click.

    However, since most clients and users don't have access to your internal tools like Jira, Trello or Asana, the communication usually stops there.

    Not anymore!

    Introducing Guest commenting

    The Guest commenting feature allows your team members to use Marker.io as a communication channel with your guests — replacing old workflows like sending follow up emails.

    This new feature is deeply integrated with your favorite issue tracker and is as easy to use as sending a WhatsApp message.

    Let's dig in!

    1. Start conversation in 1 click

    When a client or end-users submits a new issue as Guest, their feedback goes straight into your selected destination (Jira project, GitHub repo, Trello board, ...). However, your Guests don't have access to your internal tools.

    With this new feature, you can start a new conversation with your Guest in 1 click inside your favorite tool.

    This is an example issue created as a Trello card, but this link will show with all tools supported by Marker.io like Jira, Asana, Github and more.

    2. Send WhatsApp-like messages

    Reaching out to your clients is as easy as writing a Whatsapp message! Review the issue and start typing away.

    Furthermore, thanks to our previous update, you can also view your clients's JavaScript console errors and logs before you start a conversation to add more context.


    3. Automatically notify Guests

    As soon as you submit a message via Marker.io, we will send an email notification to your Guest.

    Each issue will have its own conversation thread to keep things organised within your mailing service.


    💡 Pro tip: For Guests that need to submit more than a few issues, we recommend giving them access to the Guest portal. This will give your Guests access to an overview of all previously reported feedback without the need to manage issues our of their email inbox.

    4. Centralize all communication with Guests in your tools

    All communications with Guests are logged into your issue tracker (Jira, Trello, ...), so your team can keep track of conversations without leaving your tools.

    This is an example comment created inside a Trello card, but this will work with all tools supported by Marker.io like Jira, Asana, Github and more.

    5. Keep internal messages private

    Any internal conversations created inside your favorite tool like Jira or Trello will stay private to your team. Guest will only see comments that have been added in Marker.io.

    On the left (Marker.io), we can see that all communication have been logged on the right (Trello). Again this example is with Trello, but these features work with all destination types like Jira, Asana, Github and more.

    Try it out!

    The guest commenting feature is available on all plans.

    To try it out, click on the "Contact via Marker.io" link that will appear on all issues created by your Guest reporters inside your favorite project management tool.

    And if you have more questions, read our technical documentation on the Guest commenting feature here.

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