Discover how to show or hide certain fields to your reporters with this new product update 🙌 is the only solution that syncs all fields from Trello, Asana, Github (and other tools) in real time.

But what if you only want to show certain fields to your internal team members, or more importantly, hide sensitive fields to your external contributors like clients and users?

With the new feature, admins can now control the visibility of all native fields for each destination and for each role (eg: members vs guests).

Watch this short 30 seconds demo👇

To access these settings, go to any of your Destinations > Fields > Visibility.


You will then find the field visibility settings. Note that you must have admin permissions to change this new destination setting.

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 10.55.38.png

This new feature is available on all plans and all integrations, except Jira (read on).

⚠️ Note for Jira users: Due to Jira's flexibility, we encourage you to configure your fields configuration inside Jira, at the issue-type level. We have created comprehensive guides to walk you through the process here. If you're using Jira's next-gen projects, good news! We offer a simple and direct integration to your field config screen inside your destination settings.

Coming soon!

We are making amazing progress on our most requested product feature → the ability to embed inside your website via a script.

This will allow admins to install directly on websites and start collecting feedback into destinations instantly. If you're interested in this feature, we're looking for Beta testers.

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