15 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2022
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15 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2022

Last updated:
November 11, 2022

    In this post, we compare the 15 best customer feedback tools based on features, use cases, and pricing.

    The quickest and easiest way to collect customer and user feedback is with a customer feedback software.

    Customer feedback tools are plugins or online survey forms that companies use to get feedback from customers and users. 

    Dev teams, agencies, and product managers can use this information to fix bugs and make changes to websites and apps. 

    Other teams can use customer feedback to modify products, services, and marketing messages. 

    Once you’ve established a constant iterative feedback loop with customers, it can make a huge difference to your website, app, products, services, and ultimately, revenue. 

    Let’s dive right in.

    Top 15 Customer Feedback Tools

    These are the best tools to help you gather feedback and collect customer insights on your website or web app.

    1. Marker.io

    Collect customer and user feedback, without leaving your website or web app.

    Marker.io is the best customer feedback tool to collect the data you need in a one-click, non-intrusive way.

    Collect valuable customer feedback—without email overload

    Customers and users rarely leave feedback unless you make it easy for them.

    It’s different for clients. When a dev team is working on a website or app, feedback is usually sent in via email and messenger apps, like Slack. 

    But with customers, you are missing out on loads of valuable customer experience insights if your website or app doesn’t come equipped with a feedback tool. 

    Marker.io is a small widget that lives on your website. It takes a few minutes to install. 

    For customers and users, giving feedback is super easy: 

    1. Notice something that’s broken, or want to give feedback? Just click the button. 
    2. Fill out the feedback form and input details.
    3. Click on “Report Issue”—done!

    Check it out:

    Customizable feedback forms

    Marker.io's customer feedback forms are simple, straightforward, and easy to use for clients and end users.

    When collecting feedback from customers, you can simplify the form to keep it to the essentials.

    Users can add any visuals they want to a report, to really drive their point across.

    2-way sync with your favorite project management tools

    Every user and customer report filed goes straight into your project management tool of choice (Jira, GitHub, Trello, ClickUp, Notion, and more).

    Feedback reports can be visual with arrows, text, shapes, and even emojis.

    Couldn’t be simpler: no more email overload or missing out on valuable customer feedback. 

    Feedback goes straight to your PM tool. And every time an issue is marked as “Done”, that same issue will be “Resolved” in Marker.io. You can even set it so the customer is notified, too. 

    Check it out:

    Data-rich feedback that devs can action 

    Most customers on a website or app that spot a problem aren’t technically savvy. 

    All they see is that something isn’t working.

    If you’ve given users a way to report a bug, then brilliant; it means there’s a good chance it will be fixed and you won’t lose them as a customer. 

    Problem is, most people don’t know how to give feedback that devs can use to solve a problem. 

    Marker.io takes care of that. With every report, the following is automatically captured:

    • The specific URL/web page the user was on
    • Environment (browser, OS, screen size)
    • Console logs
    • Metadata, etc. 

    Get everything you need, from bug reports and website feedback to how customers feel about products and services, all from a simple and powerful one-click plugin. 

    Ready to start simplifying your feedback collection process? Try Marker.io free for 15 days here.

    Pricing starts at $39/mo.

    2. Customerly 

    Customer engagement platform for SaaS businesses.

    Software companies can use Customerly to send “chats, emails and surveys that help you send the right messages at the right time to the right customers.” 

    You can use this tool to measure customer satisfaction (and Net Promoter) scores and gather feedback from users in real-time, ultimately improving your customer experience. 

    Pricing: free plan, with premium tiers from $29/mo to $159/mo.

    3. Survicate

    Collect automated and continuous survey responses from customers. 

    With Survicate, you can: 

    • Set up a customer feedback survey once
    • Collect automatically forever (and modify when needed)
    • Send survey data to project management tools with numerous integrations
    • …and so much more! 

    Pricing: free plan, with premium tiers from $99/mo (250 responses) to $299/mo (2500 responses).

    4. Mouseflow

    Optimize your website using data-backed, actionable insights. 

    You can use Mouseflow to ask for instant customer feedback and send them survey forms. It comes with numerous integrations. 

    Pricing: free tier, with premium tiers from $29/mo (5000 responses) to $399/mo (150k responses per month). 

    5. SurveySensum

    AI-backed (artificial intelligence) platform for collecting customer feedback and satisfaction scores. 

    SurveySensum gives you all the tools you need to: 

    • Collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Effort Scores (CES), and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT)
    • Send or embed surveys questions to customers across numerous channels 
    • Share that feedback internally and integrate incoming data with dozens of apps 
    • Confirm action has been taken and close the loop 

    Pricing: free plan (25 responses per month), with prices starting at $61/mo for 250 responses, up to $624/mo for 10,000 responses.

    6. CrowdSignal

    Simple and effective tool for creating user surveys. 

    Crowdsignal is an Automattic product (WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr), giving you another tool for making it easy to gather feedback and customer experience insights.

    The platform works across numerous channelsn and you can download the data. 

    Pricing: free (collect 2,500 responses), with prices starting at $25/mo. 

    7. SurveyMonkey

    Customer feedback software and form builder with over 17 million users worldwide. 

    SurveyMonkey comes with numerous survey templates, plugins, and integrations. 

    This platform is ideal for customer surveys and user feedback forms. 

    Pricing: from $39/mo.

    8. Typeform

    Easy-to-use online survey tool.

    Typeform surveys and quizzes show one question at a time, so you can use this format to ask customers/users a specific set of questions about your website or app. 

    It comes with numerous templates, or you can create a customized feedback questionnaire and embed it on your website.

    Pricing: plans from $29/mo, with a limited free option available. 

    9. Retently

    Send CSAT, CES and NPS surveys to customers. 

    With Retently, you can use automation to collect customer insights about your product experience. It includes dozens of integrations and it’s ideal for SaaS, B2B, and eCommerce companies. 

    Pricing: from $25/mo up to $749/mo. 

    10. Hotjar

    Customer feedback tool with surveys, heatmaps, and analytics.

    Over 900,000 websites use Hotjar to collect on-page customer feedback and analytics data. 

    With Hotjar, you can:

    • Give users and customers the ability to share their thoughts with a website feedback widget
    • Replay user sessions with videos and track behavior analytics with heatmaps
    • Create tailored surveys to get the information you need
    • …and loads more.

    Pricing: starts at $66/mo.

    11. UserReport

    User feedback tool that comes with survey and feedback plugins. 

    UserReport helps dev teams and product managers build better products and collect feedback from customers with real-time surveys. 

    Pricing: start collecting user responses for free, custom plans for higher tiers. 

    12. Trustpilot

    Popular review platform with millions of online reviews every month. 

    Trustpilot for Business (with over 23,000 business customers so far) comes with an extensive range of features. Helping you: 

    • Collect and manage online reviews and feedback 
    • Optimize reviews for SEO and web traffic growth 
    • Gather analytics on customer reviews
    • …and loads more.

    Pricing: from $225/mo to $900/mo. 

    13. UserEcho

    Suite of customer support products including user feedback surveys. 

    UserEcho includes a powerful feedback forum solution to collect targeted feedback from customers. It comes with several integrations and other solutions. 

    Pricing: From $19/mo for every user. 

    14. HubSpot Customer Feedback

    All-in-one customer feedback platform. 

    As part of HubSpot’s extensive suite of SaaS products for businesses, you can use HubSpot Survey to collect customer feedback. 

    You can create customized forms, integrate them into your website, or use one of many survey templates, such as: 

    • Net Promoter Score (NPS surveys)
    • Customer Effort Score (CES)
    • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

    Pricing: starts from $45/mo, as part of HubSpot’s Marketing suite.

    15. Mopinion

    All-in-one user feedback SaaS suite for digital platforms. 

    Mopinion helps companies create a seamless digital experience.

    The platform includes plugins for apps and websites, with user feedback going directly into numerous apps and project management tools. 

    Pricing: from $289/mo to $699/mo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a customer feedback tool?

    A customer feedback tool is a software that businesses use to collect feedback from customers in real time. 

    Customer feedback management is mission-critical for every business. Whether you are B2B or B2C, you need to know how customers feel about your website, app, product, service, and offer. 

    With this feedback, developers can fix website or app bugs, improve website conversion rates, or ensure user/customer feedback reaches sales, marketing, or customer service teams. 

    Why is customer feedback important?

    Customer feedback plays a valuable role at many stages of the customer journey. Whether you’re a small business or an established company, this information helps: 

    • Improve your product or service. Product feedback helps adjust pricing, products, or services to ensure you are more closely aligned with what customers need 
    • Improve your offer. If your offer isn’t resonating with your target customers, then this feedback will help you take action quickly —and prioritize what needs to be built next
    • Fix critical website or app bugs faster. With the right feedback tool, dev teams (whether in-house or external) can take action to fix bugs and improve website usability 

    What are the different methods for collecting customer feedback?

    Here are the most common time and cost-effective methods: 

    • Install a website feedback widget. A few snippets of code, or a browser plugin, is all you need. Users and customers can leave feedback when they’re on your site or app, and your dev and other teams see it straight away
    • Send out customizable surveys. Across a wide range of channels, e.g. social media, email, SMS, and on-site or in-app clickable survey forms 
    • Send personalized survey emails or ask customers/users if they want to be interviewed. Managers and team leaders across every department should spend time speaking to customers as part of their workflow. Nothing is more valuable than experience management: speaking to a customer so they can share honest opinions about your product, service, website, or app. 

    How do you analyze customer feedback?

    How you analyze customer feedback depends on the reasons for collecting it. 

    Developers, product teams, and product managers need to know what bugs to fix, and anything that impacts the user experience (UX) and functionality of a website or app. 

    You can measure this using quantitive and qualitative customer feedback data.

    Feedback plugins are incredibly useful for collecting this kind of information.

    Customer support or success teams, marketing, and sales need feedback for other reasons. For example, understanding which offers, messaging, products or services are doing well with customers, and which aren’t.

    All of this data is then collected and analzyed into the team’s CRM.

    At every touchpoint, business owners, founders, and managers need real-time iterative feedback loops from customers, so you know what to improve, and how to keep driving growth forward. 

    What questions should I ask for customer feedback?

    Common survey questions you can ask include: 

    • Have you encountered a problem on our website or app? Tell us about it, we will fix it! 
    • Does our product(s) or service(s) appeal to you: Yes or No, tell us more? 
    • How easy is our website or app to navigate: Have you found what you’re looking for? 
    • Are you happy with our sign-up process? If not, what should we change? 
    • What features would you like to see that would convince you to sign-up? 

    ...and so much more!

    There’s no limit to the feedback companies can collect from customers, providing you collect it in a non-intrusive, data-protected format.

    There are many different question types as well, from open-ended questions to multiple choice or ratings.

    Once you’ve collected this feedback, making use of it and turning it into actionable tasks are the next steps.

    Whether that means fixing a bug, making a change on the website, or modifying a product or service offering. 

    Wrapping up...

    And there we have it—a list of the best 15 customer feedback tools.

    With these tools, customers and users can give feedback about a website, a bug, or a feature that doesn’t work or they’re unhappy with in a software app. 

    We hope you find this list helpful when choosing a customer feedback software. 

    Did we miss anything? Let us know on Twitter or via email!

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