Let your clients and team report visual bugs into ClickUp, without leaving your website.

We are excited to announce that ClickUp integration is finally out! Our 2-way-integration allows users of Marker.io to collect all bug and feedback reports directly into the right folder and list in ClickUp. Straight from your live website.

What are the perks of this integration?

Marker.io is the ultimate QA tool for bug tracking in ClickUp. Report, reproduce and resolve faster.

Report on live websites

Log any issues directly into ClickUp without leaving your website. Simply use the Marker.io feedback button, whether you installed it through code or extension.

Visual annotation on site

Your reporters can capture and annotate directly on the website. Draw, write and highlight with our tool. No more switching to Photoshop or MS Paint.

Collect everything in ClickUp

Gather bug reports and visual feedback directly into the right folder and list of ClickUp. Even from users (like clients) who do not have a ClickUp account or access to your ClickUp.

Get developer-ready issue tickets

Use easy-to-set-up bug report templates for your less-technical colleagues to encourage them to report better issues. Get complete and developer-ready reports in seconds.

  • URL & environment data
    Help your developers understand your testers' feedback. All environment data like browser, OS, webpage and screen size is automatically added to issues by Marker.io.
  • Console log recording
    All Javascript errors happening in your reporters' web client are automatically recorded and added to cards. Your reporters don't have to do anything extra. Learn more here about console logs
  • BrowserStack (Cross-device testing )
    When you test websites on BrowserStack, Marker.io captures the context of the virtual device and attaches it to your issues. Your developers can then re-simulate the issue in the same BrowserStack environment right from the issue! Learn more about the Browserstack integration here.

Detail your issues

Get your reporters to assign team members, labels, due dates and much more. Marker.io mirrors in real time your exact field configuration from your issue tracker.

How do I activate this integration?

  1. To get started, connect your ClickUp account to your Marker.io account, inside your home Marker.io screen.
  2. Next, add a destination (a ClickUp folder or list) and install the widget on your site. You can install the widget through our secure code snippet or though our handy browser extension.
  3. Start reporting with the Marker.io button. All new feedback will now land into your chosen ClickUp destination!