Basic Authentication now supported!
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Basic Authentication now supported!

Last updated:
February 8, 2022

    Yet another super update to our product today, is the ability to support your website that are protected with basic authentication.

    Previously, if your website was protected by basic authentication, you may have noticed that the app may not capture all of your images/assets correctly.

    Well, from today, that’s about to change!

    Let’s see how it works 👇

    I have Basic authentication enabled on my trusty sample website

    When I attempt to take a screenshot of the about us page, oops, it does not include the images.

    Can you feel my pain?

    Well, from today, I can go to the security settings on my app, and add my basic auth credentials.

    Now I  go back to take a new screenshot et voilà, all images appear correctly!

    It’s as simple as that.

    If your website is protected by basic authentication, go ahead and add the credentials to your app today for pixel perfect screenshots.

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