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The 11 best Asana integrations and apps in 2022

Last updated:
January 7, 2022

Finding the perfect Asana integrations, add-ons, plugins or chrome extensions to boost your workflow is as good as gold. They are such a great way to boost your productivity!

However, there are so many integrations out there that it can be difficult to determine the ones that give you the most bang for your buck.

Luckily, we have compiled our ultimate list of Asana integrations and are sharing our insights with you 😉

So, whether you just switched tools, or are looking to boost your productivity, this list is for you!

Bug tracking tools is a visual bug reporting tool: save time & report visual issues with all data your devs need in seconds. The powerful Asana integration as well as the handy chrome extension makes absolutely perfect!

🤩 faster bug reporting

Transform Asana into a bug tracking tool by setting up Integrate with your Asana projects and start reporting! Capture a screenshot of the visual bug, highlight, crop, fill in the form to create a ticket/issue/card/... and continue browsing. Without leaving your website.

💻 technical data

Want your developers to love you? The tickets you create through automatically get enriched with technical metadata and console logs. It makes it easier and faster for your developers to recreate and resolve any issues.

🎯 customizable forms

Report your bugs and issues through the easy to set up and customize forms in Simply give the issue a title, type up a little explanation where needed, and send it off. Need custom forms? No problem, you can change the visible fields, both for your team members as for your guests and clients.

→ To the + Asana integration

Time Tracking Tools

Time Doctor

Time Doctor has the ambitious goal to make individuals and organizations more productive. They want to help people prioritize and live with less distractions. Having Time Doctor as an Asana add-on really helps you to figure out where you waste your time and how to increase your productivity.

📈 Become more efficient

Through automated screenshots, powerful reports and easy to use time tracking tools, it is easier than ever to show how much time your team spends on Asana tasks and projects.

⛔️ Block time-wasting apps

It is super easy to block the apps that you know you spend to much time on! Don't want to block these apps? You can also choose to put a time-limit on them.

💡 Understanding your time

It is not just about monitoring your team, it is mainly about helping people understand what they spend time on! Productivity is the end result of understanding how you work.

→ Go to Time Doctor


Everhour is a time management system with a strong focus on integrations, because they found that many specialized systems like Asana don't have the type of time tracking functionality you need. The Everhour Asana integration allows to give you the best experience!

🔄  Automatic synchronisation

You neither need to manually recreate your project structure after signup nor manually afterwards to keep reports up to date. Just signup and start tracking time. All projects and tasks get updated continually.

📥 Direct data injections

Employees don't have to switch between Asana and a time tracker anymore. This makes data entered more accurate and decreases the learning curve!

📦 Better time categorisations

Everhour uses information like tags, iterations or custom fields from your Asana projects. This means you can dive deeper into analysis to get more accurate results.

→ Go to Everhour


No more switching apps to put together cohesive reports of time tracking, project management in Asana, invoicing, accounting,... With Hubstaff’s Asana integration, you can track time from within Asana, analyze time data, invoice clients, and automate team payments all from one dashboard!

🔄 Syncs with Asana tasks via oAuth

After setting up the Asana integration, you will be able to seamlessly link users and tasks from Asana with your account at Hubstaff. Save time without all the endless app-switching.

🤑 Prevent team members from breaking the budget

Simply limit how much time they can work on Asana projects. When a limit is set for a team member, they will not be able to track time that exceeds that limit. You'll also be notified that they are close to or at their limit. It is easy and convenient to set a time or monetary budget, and you can be notified as soon as that budget is almost reached.

💡 Track your time directly from Asana's dashboard

No more worrying about multiple devices and managing your client invoices easily. Truly improve your work productivity!

→ Go to Hubstaff

team communication tools


Slack is a staple in most companies, especially since a lot of people started working from home during the pandemic. It is such a handy way to communicate quickly! With the new and improved Asana for Slack, you can turn conversations into action and create new tasks in Asana. All without leaving Slack.

🎯 Take action on tasks

You can get notifications for tasks assigned to you and for tasks you’re following.You can see the task details, complete the task, change the assignee and/or due date, add it to a project, or open it in Asana.

🔗 Link a specific Asana project to a Slack channel

After the easy set up of the Asana integration and Slack connection, the channel will receive notifications when updates and changes are made to the project. Keep all incoming notifications centralized and easy to follow up on.

🏗 Create a new task in Asana

Turn a Slack message into a task in Asana or add the message to an existing task by using Actions. You don't even need to leave Slack, just type "/asana create" in the message box.

→ Go to Slack


Whimsical lets you collaborate live in real-time or work asynchronously and communicate via comments & discussions. It is easy to use, yet very powerful when it comes to wireframes, flowcharts, mind maps, sticky notes, and docs (beta).

From real-time collaboration in remote team meetings to asynchronous communication across timezones, the Whimsical + Asana integration has you covered.

🎪 Show, don't tell.

With the Whimsical + Asana add-on, it is easy to seamlessly embed your Whimsical wireframes, flowcharts, mind maps, sticky notes, and docs (beta) into your Asana project.

👏 Easy collaboration

It is easy to use the Whimsical boards with multiple team members through the Asana extension . Especially useful with a lot of teams working from home! Use Whimsical's fast collaboration tools to build wireframes, product specs, user flows, customer journeys, architecture diagrams, and even brainstorming.

→ Go to Whimsical

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq simplifies team communication with organized conversations and by connecting to the tools you love. Manage projects and tasks, improve your team collaboration and work management using the Asana extension for Cliq.

🚀 Convert messages into tasks straight away

When creating tasks, you can also set targets, deadlines and collaborate with instant updates and notifications. The Zoho Cliq + Asana integration saves a lot of time with this feature.

✉️ Add messages as a task

In just one click, you can add messages to any task, so communication with coworkers is easier than ever. Simply use the Add task message action.

📈 Link and configure your projects

Effortlessly set up interlinking. The /asana command helps you to organise and streamline with tasks assigned to you or your colleague.

→ Go to Zoho Cliq

Team specific tools

Adobe xd

Adobe XD is one of the easiest to use tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud. It comes with a curated collection of features to power every part of your workflow. The Asana add-on and integration facilitates team work and speeds up project delivery.

🤝 Coediting in real time

Adobe XD allows working together in real time, which makes it so easy to create one source of truth! Keep your team aligned from anywhere. You can even share the links to your designs with your stakeholders to get feedback from them in a snap.

💻 Design Specs

For your developers, you need more technical information, so you can handoff layouts and assets through the Asana integration. Send the CSS snippets and links to your developers so they can get to slicing and building quicker.

🎯 Make it feel like the real thing

You can easily animate your designs to give clients and stakeholders a clearer idea of who the end result will behave. Add in user flows, interactions, and motion — no coding required.

→ Go to Adobe XD


Salesforce is a CRM that gives deeper customer insights and work-from-home capabilities. The Asana integration connects your project management with all sales data for better grasp on your organization.

Their powerful software builds longtime, loyal customers with every interaction. You can connect sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each prospect through a personalised customer journey.

⏰ Make every minute count

Easily automate processes, so your sales reps will be able to work faster and smarter. Boost team impact with insights, guidance, and forecasts built from AI. Online or offline, the data you need is right at your fingertips.

🌐 Expand your reach

It is amazing to have the agility to adjust your strategy on-the-fly. You need to respond quickly to new markets and industries, or even just a new neighbourhood. Plan the territories, see team performance, track rep execution, and more.

🧑‍💻 Any data, from any system, anytime.

See and understand your data better! Salesforce makes it really easy to check all insights, no matter the browser or the device. Through the reports, you get clear visualisations of even the most complex data. With AI that’s easy to use and understand, you have business-driving analytical insights at your fingertips!

→ To Salesforce


Integrate Asana and GitLab to make work flow across tools and teams. Sync tasks, issues, projects, repos, assignees, custom fields, and more to build alignment and ease collaboration on development projects.

🖼 Create visual connections

Create seamless workflows in a more visual way. Add blocks of work to represent your projects, then draw flows between them so your work data knows where to go. The easy-to-use grid interface, field mapping, rules, automations, and a host of other settings let you control the flow of information and shape your workflow to fit your unique business process.

🧐 Collect insights

With GitLab's unique cross-tool data, you can collect actionable insights on team activity across all the tools in your workflow. Track and improve how people work together in your business. Send everything straight into your Asana integration!

→ To GitLab is a leader in low-code automation, and the Tray Platform comes with a robust Asana add-on and integration.

Now, you can bidirectionally sync data between Asana and other data sources, automatically update project tracking, and much more. Eliminate manual work and and automatically flow data across the Asana API and anywhere you need it to go, error-free.

💻 Easy low-code platform

Anyone can use the low-code workflow builder to create custom Asana API integrations without IT support. Simply use the drag-and-drop interface to connect your Asana with any data source. After, you can break down data silos among the tools you use and flow data between Asana and flat files such as CSVs and any cloud service in your tech stack. Even from custom fields.

🧑‍💻 Automated workflows

In addition to custom integrations, the Tray Platform also empowers anyone to create custom Asana automations. Build automated workflows that make Asana processes far more efficient. You can create any automation to transfer data however you need.

🚀 Increase efficiency

Thanks to the automation of a huge variety of high-value use cases (like adding project status updates, attaching files to tasks, creating follow-up projects), you can make the most of your Asana and Tray! Using the platform’s full set of pre-built connectors, data helpers, and custom logic operators, you can build customized, automated workflows that do more, faster.

→ To


So whether you are looking to increase your productivity, there are a bunch of tools to use. We love using integrations to create a more functional and efficient workflow, and these Asana integrations will help you do the same!

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