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About Sheer Digital

David is the founder at Sheer Digital, a creative agency based in London, specialized in building custom web solutions for SMBs & Startups. The team is composed of designers, UX experts, developers and projects managers.

When we spoke with David, he confessed a little secret: He is a bit of a quality freek 😀 As he told us, he is obsessed with quality and always wants to go the extra mile for his clients because he knows that in the agency business, it’s all about building a strong reputation.

Life before

Sheer Digital has been using for years, BrowserStack, a great web service for testing websites across multiple browsers and devices.

However their visual bug reporting process was completely broken as they spent the majority of their time on non-testing activities. For example, to get a design issue fixed, they would use Awesome Screenshot to capture and annotate the bug, download the screenshot into a new Powerpoint presentation, detail each issue on a separate slide and archive slides when the work was done. As David explains, their process was awkward and cumbersome :

“Our previous Quality Assurance workflow was a total mess!

We would look back on a testing session and realized we had spent only 10% of our time actually hunting for bugs. The remaining 90% was basically us trying to explain, report and follow up on bugs with our developers. has really turned this ratio on its head!

How does Sheet Digital uses

To ensure all custom websites they create are perfect in all environments, the team still tests clients’ websites in BrowserStack but they now use to report responsive design issues and cross-browser bugs directly into new Trello cards.

They love that automatically pulls out all browser and device information from BrowserStack and includes it into the Trello card. They said it was a massive workflow improvement -both in time & quality- as they don’t have to worry about a teammate asking: “Which browser did you use again?”

“ is all about reducing the number of steps.

Although it’s hard to say how many hours we now save each month, I can say it has helped us reduced our Q.A. testing process by more than 60%!”

David Dawkins, CEO of Sheer Digital

Final thought

As an early adopter, David first discovered for its Slack integration but as they’ve grown and needed to improve their workflow, they switched to Trello as the main integration. The level of depth of each integration is something that David really appreciates about

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