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Gary Gaspar

Our story

Before we built Marker, we ran a Web Design agency where too much time was wasted on testing and reporting bugs on websites.

Like most of our peers, we used screenshots to get our point across to the rest of our team. However all screenshot tools out there fail for two reasons:

1) Screenshots never tell the whole story. Where was it taken? By whom? When? In which browser? On which device?

2) Screenshots are messy. They are rarely organized in a way that makes sense for your team to act on it. Instead, they live (and die) on your desktop or buried in emails and messaging apps.

We looked for more advanced bug reporting solutions but hated them all…

Then one day, it hit us! Screenshots were not bad per se, but the existing screenshot tools out there were never designed for professional use.

What if we could build a screenshot tool that would be as powerful as an advanced bug reporting tool but as simple as hitting a few key combination on your keyboard.

That’s how we build Marker.io.

We're confident that if you’re reading this, you might be going through the same pain we experienced back when we had my agency. If that’s your case, give Marker.io a try for free and email me at gary@marker.io to let me know your story.

Our founders

Gary Gaspar

Gary Gaspar


Olivier Kaisin

Olivier Kaisin


Emile-Victor Portenart

Emile-Victor Portenart



At Marker.io, we believe employees are as important as our customers. We know that a happy, challenged and fulfilled team will go the extra mile to take care of our customers.

We are looking for talents in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, UX and Enginnering. If you’re excited about our adventure, join us! Come tell your story at info@marker.io

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