is a Zephyr Capture alternative that is easy to use for everyone on your software team, without extensive training nor time-consuming configuration. Zephyr Capture
Create Jira issues without opening Jira check_circle check_circle
Uncluttered UI check_circle close
Intuitive & Easy to Use check_circle close
Integrate also with Slack, Stride, etc… check_circle close
Can be used without asking Jira admin check_circle close
Capture multiple bugs at once check_circle close
Easy to configure Bug report template check_circle close
Save your screenshot for later use check_circle close
Report Mobile app bugs check_circle close
Responsive customer support (avg answer time: 5mins) check_circle close
Fair pricing model doesn't charge for every member of your Jira organization. If your 50-people team uses Jira for tracking issues but you only need 10 people to report Jira issues via, simply invite those 10 people on your plan and will only charge for those.

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After trying for a few days, making the move from Zephyr Capture to was a great decision.

Now, the whole team is using to report bugs directly in Jira and everyone is happy about it!

Henrik Brooks
Henrik Brooks
Founder of Jamm creative agency

How to report bugs, tasks and feedback
inside Jira with

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Create Jira issues in 1‑Click

Capture your screen, add annotations and send bug reports to Jira in 1 click without logging into Jira.

No need to migrate your data.

No need to radically change your habits.

Just connect and you’re ready to go.

Convert Screenshot to Trello card
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Browser info

When you create a bug report in Jira with, we automatically add the browser info to help your developers reproduce the bug


Report better bugs with templates

Use our built-in bug reporting template or add yours and speed up your testing process. Easily specify the steps to reproduce, the actual and expected results.

No script to install. Get started in seconds.

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1. Sign up for

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2. Connect your Jira

Grant access to your Jira account by entering your Jira host. Marker will use it to securely retrieve your list of projects, issue types and fields.

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3. Start reporting bugs in Jira

Create a new Jira issue with your annotated screenshot right from inside