How works is an alternative to Zephyr Capture that's easy to use for everyone on your software team, without extensive training nor configuration. Zephyr Capture
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Intuitive & easy to use Yes check_circle close
Also integrates with Slack, etc… Yes check_circle close
Can be used without asking Jira admin Yes check_circle close
Capture multiple bugs at once Yes check_circle close
Easy to configure bug report template Yes check_circle close
Save your screenshots for later use Yes check_circle close
Report mobile app bugs Yes check_circle close
Responsive customer support (avg. answer time: 5min.) Yes check_circle close
Fair pricing model doesn't charge for every Jira member of your organization. If your 50-person team uses Jira for tracking issues, but you only need 10 people to report issues via, simply invite those 10 people to your plan and we'll charge only for them.

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After trying for a few days, making the move from Zephyr Capture to was a great decision.

Now, the whole team is using to report bugs directly in Jira and everyone is happy about it!”

Henrik Brooks , Founder of Jamm creative agency


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The ultimate QA tool
for bug tracking in Jira


Report feedback on live websites

Log new issues directly into Jira without leaving your website via the feedback button.

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Mark up feedback, bugs and issues visually

Your reporters can draw arrows and write text directly on your website using our built-in annotations tools. No more switching to Photoshop or MS Paint.

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everything in Jira

Gather bug reports and visual feedback directly into Jira, even from users like clients who do not have a Jira account.

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Report issues faster

Never leave your live store during your QA sessions. Your QA team can report bugs and issues from any page without having to open another tool to log an issue.

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Improve your Jira issues quality

Use bug report templates with your non-technical colleagues to encourage them to report better issues.

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Detail your issues

Get your reporters to assign team members, labels, due dates and much more. mirrors in real time your exact field configuration from your issue tracker.

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Help your developers
fix bugs faster annotations tools
URL & Environment data

Help your developers understand your testers' feedback. All environment data like browser, OS, webpage and screen size is automatically added to issues without reporters having to do anything. provide
Console error recording

All Javascript errors happening in your reporters' web client are automatically recorded and added to issues without reporters having to do anything. provide
Cross-device testing with BrowserStack

When you test websites on BrowserStack, capture the context of the virtual device and attaches it to your issues. Your developers can then re-simulate the issue in the same BrowserStack environment right from the issue!


Install feedback button anywhere

Our feedback button works on all browsers and can be
installed on local, staging and live websites.

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Code snippet

Embed 6 lines of Javascript on your websites and let reporters send feedback without being invited.

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Browser extension

Ask reporters to install one of our browser extensions and start collecting feedback from any website.

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