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How Marker can make your life easier!

Capture anything

Marker offers a wide range of capturing methods with lightning fast speed and Keyboard Shortcuts

Marker captures options

Available on:

Google chrome
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visual feedback

Get your point across with annotations

Wether you need lines, arrows, text or even emojis,
Marker got you covered πŸ˜‰

Turn screenshots into Slack messages

All screenshots shared in Slack include a quick link to the original page URL.

Marker create Slack messages
Slack to and to Trello, Jira, Bitbucket,…

Edit existing screenshots inside Slack

All Marker screenshots shared inside a Slack Channel can be annotated and shared back into Slack or turned into a Trello card, a Jira issue, and more…

When I spot a visual glitch on our website, I snap a screenshot with Marker and turn it into a task for our dev team.

Bianca Chrysostomou, Senior UX Designer at BlueChilli

How to set up Marker with Slack?


1. Sign up for Marker

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2. Connect your Slack

Grant access to your Slack account. Marker will use it to securely retrieve your list of channels and members.


3. Send your bugs to Slack

Create a new Slack message with your annotated screenshot right from inside Marker.

First, download the extension.

You'll create your account later.

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Coming this September on Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera

The Marker extension is designed to work on desktop

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