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Draw Attention Using Annotations

A picture is worth a thousand words! If you spend most of your days online, you are better off communicating visually. Your team will thank you for it.

visual feedback

Create JIRA Issues in 1 click

Capture your screen, add annotations and send bug reports to JIRA in 1 click without logging into JIRA

Document Bug Reports

Add a description, labels, assignees, a due date and many more to your JIRA issue without leaving Marker

Report better bugs with templates

Use our built-in bug reporting template and speed up your testing process. Easily specify the steps to reproduce, the actual and expected results.

Attach Screenshots to Existing Issues

Not all screenshots need to become a new JIRA issue. With Marker you can capture & attach annotated screenshots to one of your existing JIRA issues.

Browser Info

When you create a bug report in JIRA with Marker, we automatically add the browser info to help your developers reproduce the bug

Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture screenshots and create JIRA issues with lightning fast speed with our Keyboard Shortcuts

They use Marker with JIRA

Mike Solomon Thrillist Media Group Logo

Mike Solomon Product manager

I'm a huge fan of Marker because it reduces the friction between bug discovery and ticket creation. Marker does not only save me time, but it also makes sure that every bug that I find on my site gets logged -- no reason to have something fall through the cracks because I told myself I'll log it later.

How to set up Marker with JIRA?

  1. Sign up for
    Marker for free

    Read our doc on the Atlassian marketplace and register at for a free trial and create your first screenchot

  2. Grant access
    to JIRA

    Install the browser extension and grant access to your JIRA account by entering your JIRA host. Marker will use it to securely retrieve your list of projects, issue types and fields.

  3. Send your bugs
    to JIRA

    Select your favorite JIRA project and create a new JIRA issue right from inside Marker, using your annotated screenshot as the trigger.

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