The perfect QA solution for your agency

For clients

Collecting feedback from clients
on live websites has never been easier


Report feedback on live websites

Your clients can send feedback directly from their website via the button.

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Show, don't tell

Instead of endless emails and meetings, clients can easily annotate feedback live websites and send it to the destination of your choice.

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Structure feedback

Use issue templates with your clients and colleagues to encourage them to report better issues.

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Lucid logo

Our entire team relies on Asana for project management and issue tracking. We love how makes the QA testing phase a breeze!

Our team and clients can report visual feedback directly into Asana in a couple of clicks, without leaving the website.”

Galen King, Founder at Lucid, an award-winning agency designing & building Shopify websites


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For internal testers

Streamline how your QA testers, PM and
designers report issues on your client websites


Report issues faster

Your team can report bugs and issues from any page directly into your issue tracking destination without having to open and log them in another tool.

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Detail your issues

Get your reporters to assign team members, labels, due dates and much more. mirrors in real-time your exact field configuration from your issue tracker.

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How Hull got everyone on the team to report actionable product issues into Jira

Manually logging QA issues in Teamwork is cumbersome and gets sloppy real quick.

With the Teamwork integration for, our testers can rapidly log and annotate issues without having to fumble around with copying and pasting image links. On top of that, our developers get the full picture on issues that are well annotated and are organized properly in the worklflow.”

Sean Hennessy, Digital Strategist at Durkan Group, Design & Development Agency

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Key Integration

For developers

Help your developers
understand and fix issues faster annotations tools provide provide

Help your developers
fix bugs faster annotations tools
URL & Environment data

Help your developers understand your testers' feedback. All environment data like browser, OS, webpage and screen size is automatically added to issues without reporters having to do anything. provide
Console error recording Coming soon

All Javascript errors happening in your reporters' web client are automatically recorded and added to issues without reporters having to do anything. provide
Cross-device testing with BrowserStack

When you test websites on BrowserStack, capture the context of the virtual device and attaches it to your issues. Your developers can then re-simulate the issue in the same BrowserStack environment right from the issue!


Speed up testing with bug report templates

Structure how reporters explain feedback by importing your own internal bug reporting templates into Use different templates based on how advanced your testers are.

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We are consultants doing software development (solutions) and a lot of web based stuff.

We have subscribed to to get feedback from clients and our own testers. From the first week, it has helped our workflow so much!”

Juan le Roex, QA manager at Digital Management System, software development consultants


Software development



Key Integration

For Project managers

Align all project stakeholders and deliver high quality web projects to your clients


Centralize in your
favorite tools

Collect client feedback and team bug reports directly into your existing project management tools.

Supported destinations

Trello logo Jira logo Bitbucket logo GitHub logo Teamwork logo Asana logo GitLab logo Clubhouse logo logo Slack logo
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Install feedback button anywhere

Our feedback button works on all browsers and can be
installed on local, staging and live websites.

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Code snippet Coming soon

Embed 6 lines of Javascript on your websites and let reporters send feedback without being invited.

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Browser extension

Ask reporters to install one of our browser extensions and start collecting feedback from any website.

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Install the button on Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and all other modern Content Management System.

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“ has the best tool in the market to report visual feedback!

After a month of use with the whole team, using has been a no brainer.”

Damen Gilland, Product Manager at AKQA


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