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Marker is Bitbucket's best friend.
Here's why…

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Capture anything

Marker offers a wide range of capturing methods with lightning fast speed and Keyboard Shortcuts

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Available on:

Google chrome

Draw Attention Using Annotations

A picture is worth a thousand words! If you spend most of your days online, you are better off communicating visually. Your team will thank you for it.

visual feedback

Create Bitbucket Issues in 1 click

Capture your screen, add annotations and send bug reports to Bitbucket in 1-click without logging into Bitbucket

Document Bug Reports

Add a description, a priority, and an issue type to your Bitbucket issue without leaving your website

Report better bugs with templates

Use our built-in bug reporting template and speed up your testing process. Easily specify the steps to reproduce, the actual and expected results.

Attach Screenshots to Existing Bitbucket Issues

Not all screenshots need to become a new Bitbucket issue. With Marker, you can capture & attach annotated screenshots to one of your existing Bitbucket issues.

Browser Info

When you create a bug report in Bitbucket with Marker, we automatically add the browser info to help your developers reproduce the bug

Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture screenshots and create Bitbucket issues with lightning fast speed with our Keyboard Shortcuts

I use Marker to identify UX issues in our user flow (confusing copy, unintuitive features, misplaced button…) and log everything as a new issue in Github.

Damen Gilland, Product Manager at AKQA

How to set up Marker with Bitbucket?


1. Sign up for Marker

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2. Connect your Bitbucket

Grant access to your Bitbucket account by entering your Bitbucket credentials. Marker will use it to securely retrieve your list of repositories.


3. Send your bugs to Bitbucket

Create a new Bitbucket issue with your annotated screenshot right from inside Marker.

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You don't need a developer to set it up

First, download the extension.

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Coming this September on Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera

The Marker extension is designed to work on desktop

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