The ultimate QA tool
for mobile bug tracking


Take screenshots

Capture bugs on your mobile and upload them in one click to your dashboard.

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Draw attention using annotations

A picture is worth a thousand words! If you spend most of your days online, you are better off communicating visually. Your team will thank you for it.

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Centralize in your
source of truth

Forget about tracking feedback in emails, chat messages and meeting notes. Gather bug reports directly inside your existing issue tracker.

Supported destinations

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Speed up testing with templates

Structure how reporters explain feedback by importing your own internal bug reporting templates into Use different templates based on how advanced your testers are. provide
Define the next steps

Get your reporters to assign team members, labels, due dates and much more. mirrors in real time your exact field configuration from your issue tracker. annotations tools provide

Help your developers
fix bugs faster annotations tools
URL & Environment data

Help your developers understand your testers' feedback. All environment data like browser, OS, webpage and screen size is automatically added to issues without reporters having to do anything. provide
Cross-device testing with BrowserStack

When you test websites on BrowserStack, capture the context of the virtual device and attaches it to your issues. Your developers can then re-simulate the issue in the same BrowserStack environment right from the issue!

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By using Mobile, I can now do intense testing sessions of our mobile app and report easily all the bugs on the different smartphones.

Our developers really like that they know right away which smartphone I used to test our app.”

Vincent Leroy, CEO at Neveo





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