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How to Speed Up Your QA and UAT testing in

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July 2, 2019

Imagine that you recently finished building the first version of a new client website and your team is ready to start the QA testing phase.

But getting everyone to report actionable feedback to developers can be very challenging as it requires input from people of different backgrounds.

Let's look at the 2 most common problems with QA testing:

Problem 1: Internal testing is time-consuming

For most teams, reporting a bug usually looks something like that:

  1. Find the bug.
  2. Open screenshot tool, capture bug.
  3. Open software to annotate screenshot, add comments.
  4. Open Teamwork.
  5. Select the correct project.
  6. Create new task.
  7. Explain the bug.
  8. Add technical environment data (browser, OS, URL, ...)
  9. Attach screenshot.
  10. And then finally: create bug report.

That’s a whopping 10 steps to report even the smallest bugs! Your team basically spends more time logging bugs than hunting to find new ones.

And it gets worse once you start involving clients.

Problem 2: Client feedback is unclear

If you've ever worked for a client, you know that getting them to report actionable bugs can be even harder. Most bug reports send by clients usually looks something like this email:

Obviously it's impossible to know what the client is talking about, much less know how to fix the problem.

So, how do you help internal testers report bugs faster while making sure that less technical people like clients can report website feedback that's actually useful for developers?

That’s where comes into play!

Enter, The best way to collect website feedback inside Teamwork helps teams simplify their internal bug reporting process. It makes it easy for both internal testers and clients to report website issues directly inside Teamwork, without driving developers crazy.

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Log visual bug reports, without leaving your site

Getting your reporters to mark up bugs, ideas and feedback directly on your site via the feedback extension couldn't be easier. Simply capture your screen, add visual annotations then report the issue in 1 click.

Step 2: Centralize everything in Teamwork

New bug reports created via are automatically created as new tasks inside your Teamwork projects. While your internal team members will be able to create new tasks via their own accounts, clients will be able to report feedback inside Teamwork even if they don't have access to your Teamwork projects.

Forget about tracking client feedback out of your inbox. Open your Teamwork project and find a list of high actionable bug reports:

Step 3: Fix bugs faster with actionable data

Getting your developers to understand your reporters' feedback is half the battle of a good bug reporting workflow. Thanks to, all environment data like browser, OS, web page URL and screen size is automatically added to new tasks without reporters having to do anything.

For example, the following task was entirely created via, without opening Teamwork:

As you can see, this Teamwork task has all the information needed for your developers to act on it:

  • The issue is in the correct project.
  • Any tags, priority or labels are included.
  • The issue is assigned to a team member.
  • The annotated screenshot is attached.
  • The expected and actual results are well documented.
  • The steps to reproduce are detailed.
  • The technical environment information is all there.
  • The issue has the URL where the screenshot was captured.

Wrap up

Good bug reports should be visual, actionable and centralized inside your existing task management tool like Teamwork.

But getting people from different backgrounds to systematically and easily report feedback that developers can understand can be quite challenging. Thanks to the new integration with Teamwork, this is now possible!

Want to try for yourself? comes with a free 15-day trial. Give it go ➡️ at

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