13 Reasons Why Squarespace is Better Than Other CMS [Part 2/4]

This is post number 2 of a 4-part blog post series about Squarespace. Read the introduction post here and the previous post here

In the previous post, I talked about the emotional barriers holding web agencies back from embracing new technology like Squarespace.

If you feel you got over your irrational fears and are ready to embrace Squarespace, let’s look at the tangible and rational advantages of this technology over other Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal.

The advantages of Squarespace for Clients

Here are the key advantages for clients:

1. Smaller budget

Because you don’t need to write code with Squarespace, you will be able to produce a website for a significantly lower cost which you’ll be able to pass onto your client.

Your clients will be happy and they’ll be able to free up additional budget for other marketing initiatives.

2. Faster delivery

Usually, when a client reaches out to you for a new website, it’s urgent. They want it and they want it fast. If you’re building the website with Squarespace, you can cut down the time between the first contact and the moment when the website goes live to a few days, especially when you have a few under your belt.

3. Better idea of the end-result

It’s always tough for a new client to imagine what his or her website will look like. They usually have a list of website they like but they can’t never be sure you understand exactly what they want. By showing them previous websites you built on Squarespace, they will have an easier imagining we what the end result will look like.

4. More empowered

Your client can easily add, remove and update their own content. It’s a lot more intuitive than WordPress or Drupal. Your client won’t need to contact you for minor updates and will be more autonomous.

5. More reliable

Since most of the back-end work is handled by the folks at Squarespace, the code base is always top notch and extremely reliable. The risk of having their website down is much lower than self-hosted solutions. Security updates are also handled by Squarespace so your client never has to worry about that.

The advantages of Squarespace for web agencies

Now let’s look at the advantages from the agency’s perspective:

6. Price expectations

The price expectations for a simple website has dramatically fallen and will continue to do so in the future. It’s not rare for a new lead to expect to pay only a few hundred dollar for a simple website.

If you develop the skills to build Squarespace websites fast, you will still be able to serve this segment of the market. However, if you’re stick to your old ways, you will be working at a lost.

7. Less time spent on quotes

If you ever spend hours preparing a quote for a new prospect that never became a client, you how frustrating it can be. With Squarespace, we for example, do not send formal quotes anymore. We just ask a few questions about their needs and wants (see next post for more on that) and start to build a picture in our minds of what type of website we could build. When we have a fair idea of the structure (which is always roughly the same), we send them a 200-word email which includes:

  • A recap of their request
  • A summary of what they can expect and which technology we’ll use
  • A list of URLs with websites examples we built using Squarespace
  • The price for the finished website
  • The price for recurring costs like hosting, domain name, … (mostly Squarespace’s costs)
  • A list of deliverables
  • A timeline of how much time we’ll need to complete to project
  • A list of things we’ll need from them (mostly content)
  • A clear call to action.

8. Faster to build

Because you don’t need to write code much code with Squarespace, you can spend more time on real value added activities.

9. Easier to prototype

Because building a web page in Squarespace takes almost the same time as designing a web page is Photoshop or Sketch, you can build a live prototype in a few hours and get feedback from your client about what he or she likes and dislikes. If he likes it, great: you’re job is almost done.

10. More focus on the content

Since you have less room to be “creative” in the vague sense, you are forced to focus on the messaging and content rather than unnecessary decoration

11. Less maintenance:

If you’ve worked with WordPress before, you know how scary updating a site can be because the whole thing can break. With Squarespace, you don’t ever have to worry if your client runs on the latest version as it’s always up to date.

12. Fully responsive

All websites are optimized for mobile devices out of the box. No need to spend time testing the website on several browsers and devices.

13. SEO-ready

The code is perfectly optimized for Google, helping your client rank at the top of search engines.


Building and selling Squarespace websites has many advantages. The design is beautiful, the structure is clear, the price is cheap, the admin is simple for clients, the security is world-class and the platform is optimized for marketing.

It’s not a silver bullet but it beats more complex CMS platform on many levels for simple websites.

This is post 2 of a 4-part blog post series about Squarespace. Read the introduction post here or the next post about the 3 things to keep in mind when selling Squarespace websites to clients here

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