The Ultimate Guide to Selling Squarespace Websites to Clients

When we launched in 2015, a visual feedback tool for web professionals, we decided to fund the project using revenue from our web design agency.

We started the agency on the back of WordPress since it was the best option on the market. Most of our clients were happy with it but as the time went by, we noticed that the high price tag for a simple website turned many new leads away, which we couldn’t afford. We also needed new work to be more profitable as we wanted more time to invest in our new startup.

That’s when we decided to embrace Squarespace as an alternative to WordPress. But at the time, it was a scary decision.

Introducing the 4-part series to selling Squarespace websites

The topic of adopting Squarespace is so broad that I decided to break it down into 4 blog posts.

Part 1 – Why Web Design Agencies are Scared to Embrace Squarespace

I start this blog post series by talking about the irrational fears that held us back when we were considering adopting Squarespace.

Part 2 – 13 Reasons Why Squarespace is Better Than Other CMS

I then go on to make a case in Part 2 about why Squarespace is better for your clients as well as for you, the agency. Although Squarespace is not a silver bullet, I think it has many good arguments over other CMS like WordPress and Drupal:

Part 3: 3 Things to Always Keep In Mind When Selling Squarespace Websites

I continue by explaining how building Squarespace websites for clients requires a different approach to sales and client relationship management. Because the budget, the expectations and the deliverables are different, you need to adapt your sales approach and keep a few things in mind:

Part 4: Why You Need to Start Selling Squarespace Websites Now (and why Squarespace need you)

I then wrap-up this series by presenting why there is an opportunity for agencies to adopt Squarespace and become a partner. With its new community called CIRCLE, Squarespace is looking to expand beyond the “do-it-yourself” website market and go after the “do-it-for-me” market, for which they need partners like you.

Start reading Part 1 now:

Why Web Design Agencies are Scared to Embrace Squarespace

Enjoy the read 😉