We're excited to announce new plans! New plans come with new features, like Unlimited Guests and console log recordings, and with the new option to add as many Team Members as you need.

Grow at you own pace

Marker.io is on a mission to make it easy for digital businesses to collect visual feedback. Especially from non-technical colleagues and clients, in reports that developers love to receive.

All the new plans come with unlimited Guests, which allows for reporting through Marker.io, but without an account. Perfect for reporters like clients and team members with no access to your Marker.io or project management tool.

Additionally in the new plans, you can add Team Member Bundles to expand on your own plan. This Team flexibility allows you to grow at your own pace and upgrade your plan when you need it. You are in control of your own growth and Team.

Choose the bundle that suits your needs and make the most of your Marker.io plan!

Better communication and less back and forth

There are a few great new features to announce!

The Unlimited Guests feature was highly requested, and we are so happy to add this value to our plans. Guests usually don't have access to your internal project management tool, but are project stakeholders like your clients, beta testers, end-users or any other non-technical tester.

→ More about Guests

Console log recordings were also highly anticipated! Bugs are often the result or errors in the JavaScript. You can always see these errors when you open the script of that website, but less technical team members often forget to add it to their report. However, for developers it is a huge time saver! It is the closest thing to "looking over your shoulder at your screen".

→ More about console logs

Better Guest collaboration has been requested before, and we listened. It is now easier than ever to communicate with Guests. When Guests report an issue they immediately get sent an automated email with a link to their issue page. This issue page is a simplified view of the issue ticket they submitted to your project management tool. In it, they can check if all information they submitted is correct, but also add comments and communicate with you. All without emailing back and forth, or giving them access to your internal tools.

Staying on your current plan?

For the time being, our existing customers can stay on their current plan with existing features and limits. These plans will continue to exist, but Teams on these plans will not have access to any new features in the future.

If you want more information or a demo of new features before switching to a new plan, you can request a demo here.

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