New Annotation Tools & UX Improvements ✍️

Getting a point across using screenshots and annotations should feel like a breeze. That’s why we worked hard and build the annotation tools editor from ground up!

The new annotations tools offers many improvements as you can read below:

Text readability

Keeping readability of text when writing on top of color-rich images and elements has always been tricky. We added a white overlay and black shadow to text elements to avoid blending the text in with the screenshot.

Take a look of before and after the update.

Text editor tools

Keyboard shortcuts

This is a highly requested feature: the ability to use your keyboard to add, edit and remove annotation elements.

Here is the list of supported keystrokes for the annotation editor:

  • Copy: ⌘+C (mac) / CTRL+C (windows)
  • Paste: ⌘+P (mac) / CTRL+P (windows)
  • Undo: ⌘+Z (mac) / CTRL+Z (windows)
  • Redo: SHIFT+⌘+Z (mac) / SHIFT+CTRL+Z (windows)
  • Selection of elements: Arrow (a), Text (t), Rectangle (r), Oval (o), Pen (p), Emojis (e) and Blur (b).

If you don’t remember a specific keystroke, hover the element and after a couple of seconds, a tooltip will appear showing how to select each element with your keyboard.

Blur tool

When reporting visual feedback, you might have some confidential information that you’d rather hide. With the blur tool, draw an area over the confidential information and we’ll make it impossible to read.


And much more….

  • New Oval tool to draw circles
  • Ability to edit color of existing elements
  • Ability to upload images to existing screenshots
  • Support special characters such as “áéíóúãõç” as well as Chinese and Japanese characters
  • And overall usability improvements

We hope these improvements will speed up your workflow! 🙌

— Team