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Switching from Jira to ClickUp: a Bug Reporting Workflow

Last updated:
January 17, 2021
Contents is keeping close tabs on the changes in the field of productivity software and project management, so we were early in noticing the rise of ClickUp.

Whatever the project management or issue tracking tool your team prefers to use, there are often ways to improve on your efficiency and workflow. ClickUp promises that increased efficiency by removing many tools working together and by unifying them in a single tool.

Why teams are switching to ClickUp

The perks and downsides of Jira

In the last year, we noticed a lot of agile teams are switching from Jira to ClickUp.

Jira has been one of the best solutions for a software development company working with agile methods for years. It is very extensive, with hundreds of integrations ( being one of them), and many ways to customise and personalise your flow and projects.

However, the fact that there is so much in Jira, as well as the slightly dated structure, makes it not very intuitive for less technical team members. Plus, it takes a long time to fully learn the internal structure.

The perks and downsides of ClickUp

ClickUp was founded in 2017 and has since changed up the project management game.

From the beginning, they focused on increasing productivity through the elimination of as many tools as possible. In their vision, they want to create the ultimate tool, so you have a one-stop-shop for all productivity and project management.

A lot of teams are currently moving to ClickUp from Jira because of its intuitive interface and useful features.

While ClickUp is an amazing tool to improve your workflow, with their merged features and intuitive interface, bug reporting in their system must still be done the old way.

Unless you integrate your ClickUp with

The destinations for more efficiency

When it comes to bug reporting, their are still too many agile and tech-savvy teams doing it the old school way.

Many teams are becoming aware there are better ways to do QA/UAT testing and bug reporting, and that is where steps in.

No more screenshotting, dragging into an email or ClickUp, typing up explanations, adding technical information, forgetting something... is obsessed with making workflows better. We are connectors. connects your website seamlessly with your ClickUp account. You get to send bugs and other feedback straight into the correct folder in ClickUp.

💡 Both Jira and ClickUp are incredible project management solutions, but both are fairly stand alone. Luckily, integrates successfully and powerfully with both.

How to change your Jira destinations to ClickUp in

ClickUp makes it very easy to switch from Jira to ClickUp, just read their documentation on it here. They promise a one click, 60 second transfer of your information. If you are considering switching, it is very easy.

If you already have destinations set up in, you can simply remove these Jira destinations and add the new ClickUp destinations. It is a quick set-up, and then you are ready to start reporting again!

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