Today we're excited to announce the launch of's new Community Forum, a place where new users can learn about and where advanced users can share tips, stories, use cases, workflows and help other people.

At we've always valued high quality customer support.

We've spoken to hundred of your on the phone, chatted and email thousands of you and helped tens of thousands of you with our content.

However, as much as we know our product inside and out, we've been amazed at how creative and smart some of you are at using It's a pity that those stories are not shared with other current and potential users....

That's why we're launching's Community Forum.

Check it out at ->

Why a Community Forum? already offers a blog, a knowledge center, a website and a product updates portal.

So why yet another channel?

Communities are different. Even tough our team will actively participate in the community, this is a place where anyone can publicly ask questions, share stories and help others.

This Community Forum will help to...

  • Get answers to your questions faster
  • Learn new ways of using
  • Request new features
  • Share your stories of interesting use cases and creative workflows
  • Help your peers in similar industries, jobs and facing the same challenges
  • Start new conversations around interesting relavant topics

How to participate in the community?

Anyone can view topics and replies without an account. Simply go the the Community Forum here, explore the categories or simply search for a specific topic.

To ask a new question or reply to existing topics, you'll need to create a new community account.

Even if you have an existing, you'll need to create a new account for the time being. Make sure to use the same email as your account as we might end up merging your accounts down the road.

How is it organised?

All topics fall under one of the following categories. When you post a new question, make sure to select the correct category as explained here:

  • Announcements πŸ“£: A place for our team to announce new features, product updates and events to you
  • Tips & Tricks 😎 : The prefect category to share your favorite product tips and ask the community how you can do something specific with
  • Use cases πŸ™Œ : "How do teams like mine use". Check out example of how people use the product in different industries, job role, context and workflows. Again, go ahead and share your own story with the community
  • Feature request πŸ™: Submit and vote on product feature ideas.
  • Found a bug 🐞: This category is pretty self explanatory :) Just make sure to be as descriptive as you can when reporting a new bug.
  • Share the love ❀️: Share you kind words, appreciation and product testimonials with the community

If your question/topic is related to a specific integration, make sure to use the correct integration tag when posting your question (e.g: jira, trello, asana, ...)

Your turn!

Go ahead and post your first topic or question on the forum.

Here are some topic ideas to get you going:

  • What's your favorite feature in
  • Which tool did you use before and how is better?
  • How has changed the way you work?
  • What is one feature you would love to see?

Go here->

See you there πŸ‘‹ Β